Pharmacist Oral Exam Oman

Pharmacist oral exam oman

I hope you are a Pharmacist or Assistant Pharmacist and just have cleared Prometric exam, Dataflow and Attested all documents and taken date for oral exam or just want to appear for Oral exam.

Pharmacist Oral Exam –

This post might be very useful for you, because to become a registered Pharmacist or Assistant Pharmacist in Oman, you must pass the Ministry Oral exam.

Ministry conducts exam on every month, mostly on first Monday of the week.


You should be in Oman to attend the oral Exam, You can come on visit visa or contract visa it is a special type visa for healthcare professionals granted for attending the Oral Exam. 

Your sponsor will arrange visa for you and now its mandatory also so first search a good job, This post might help you to search  good job in Oman-       

Exam Syllabus-

Be well Prepared for Oral exam and don’t be afraid, be confident.

Study well all subjects because exam will like panel interview, there will 5,6 Interviewer.      

You should study all major subjects but focus mainly on Pharmacological classification, Pharmacological actions, side effects and brands in the Oman market.

Prescription Reading-                                            

They will give a Prescription, you need to read it accurately and questions will be on prescription like Brand names , Generic name , dosage etc.           

The brand names in the prescription will be from Oman only, so you should know it, but if you are lucky then sometimes Prescription has Generic names too!!

Medicine Brands- 

You should know Medicine Brand names in Oman, Mostly all brands available in Oman are from Multi National Companies.            

There are very few Indian Pharmaceutical companies also.

   What to study-

Most of the questions will be on Pharmacology, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacy Practices.

Focus on Uses, Side effects, other brands and dosage of Medicine. 

In Oman Pharmaceuticals are categorised into different groups such as Controlled medicines like  Psychotropics and non Psychotropics, Narcotics, OTC and Monitored Medicines.

You need to study all these because in oral exam they will ask about this.  

Time of Exam-

Exam will be  conducted in the morning  and can be last up to 2 PM so You should go early, its better if you go an hour before exam. 

They will randomly call for the viva so be careful to reach early.

Exam Results –

Result will be declared on the same day or will be published on the Ministry website next day.

So You should wait in Ministry Office until they declared the exam result or they will tell you to check the result  on the website.

Here is  The Ministry of Health, Oman’s Official website to check the result

If you have any question please ask me in the comment section.

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  1. Hi.. Thanks for yr valuable information.. I have one doubt as u said in oral exams theyll ask the oman brands.. So how can we learn their brand names..

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