Pharmacist jobs, Salary and scope in Oman

Pharmacist job, exams in Oman

As Oman’s economy is growing, the healthcare sector is also expanding rapidly, opening big hospitals, Polyclinics, and Pharmacies so ultimately increasing demand for Healthcare Professionals so Ministry Of Health puts very much restrictions and controlled over Pharmacist and Assistant Pharmacist’s registration and licensing, I have explained it in detail in my another post if you want you can read it, so that ultimately leads to increase demand for Pharmacists and in the last some years increase the Salary range of Pharmacist and Assistant Pharmacist.
Basically, Pharma sector in Oman can be described in three major sectors depending on job opportunities for Pharmacist, other sectors are also developing rapidly such as Pharmacovigilance, Clinical trials but still, job Opportunities are very less so I will explain only 3 sectors which has highest jobs for Pharmacist and Assistant Pharmacist.

Community pharmacy and Hospital Pharmacy-

This remains the major sector which creates the most job Opportunities for Pharmacists in the world so Oman is also not different, there are lots of Big Hospitals, Polyclinics, and Pharmacies which recruits many Pharmacists and there are continuous job vacancies, so if you are a pharmacist or Assistant Pharmacist and cleared the Oman licensing exams then it would be a great opportunity to find a good job and get settled in Oman !!

Salaries for the Pharmacist and Assistant Pharmacist are very good now a days as compared to other GCC Countries and also one thing you should keep in mind that Oman is very cheap country in the GCC region so living expenses are less unlike other GCC members, the starting salary for Pharmacist would be between 400 to 700, of course, it would depend on experience and company, big Pharmacy retail chains such as Muscat Pharmacy which has the most Pharmacy Outlets in Oman offers up-to 650 Omani rials aa starting Salary , other big Groups such as Al Hasher, Scientific Pharmacy also offers the same range of Salary but other pharmacies offer up to 500 rials as starting salary and I think it’s a good salary if you are married then you can ask for Family Accommodation because that’s the most expensive and most employers don’t give the accommodation especially family accommodation.

Many Pharmacists think that Big hospitals and Polyclinics might have Very good salaries but here it’s different case because as I know they give less salary as compared to other Pharmacies, you would be surprised but some hospitals even gives around 400 Rials and good thing is that most of them would give the Accommodation!! So before accepting employment in Oman you should keep in mind that your salary should be up to 500 rials or more, because you can go home after completing  2 years contract but you can’t return back unless you have NOC from your previous Employer after final exit and there will be 2 years ban on entering Oman so it’s better to find a good job with decent salary in first place so you can work for many years for the same company without any problem and can save good amount of money.

To be able to work in Oman in a community and Hospital Pharmacies, Pharmacists and Assistant Pharmacist must hold the valid license from the Ministry of Health, its a lengthy process to pass the exam but its not a difficult, first need to pass the Online Prometric Exam then need to verify documents from the Dataflow company and finally need to pass the oral exam conducted by Ministry, then only you would able to get a license, here I want mention one important thing that Oral exam will be in Oman only unlike Prometric which you can take at your home country so you need to come Oman on Visit Visa or Employer can directly arrange contract visa for appearing the Oral exam.   


This is the most popular and well-developed sector in Oman and many Pharmacists dreams for these jobs because of High Salary Packages , I would say Marketing pays the highest salary for Pharmacist, the starting Salary Range would be between 700 to 1000 Omani Rials and Salary goes increasing with experience and I have seen many Pharmacists are earning getting excellent salary equals to Doctors. If you are searching job in Pharma Marketing then you must Apply for Oman driving License as soon as you get employment so you should have driving license from your home country and experience in marketing because in Oman you need to visit Hospitals and Pharmacies and which is not possible on bike or public bus so you must have a car.



This sector is expanding but still, the job opportunities are very less as compared to other sectors because in Oman there are very few production companies and most of the Pharmaceuticals are imported from other countries but still if you have a good experience in Industries you can find a good employment. Salary in industries depends on the job profile and experience but for Production and quality control Pharmacist salary would be between 400 to 500 Omani Rials and this is not the case with every Pharmacist because if you more experience then definitely salary would be more like In Research and Development the starting salary would be between 800 to 1000 rials.

I have explained all the details about jobs, salaries and scope for Pharmacists in Oman, rules and regulations keep changing day by day so if you have any query, you can ask me in the comment section, I hope this blog will help you to build your career in Oman, thanks for reading, Best wishes for your bright future.

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