Oman- The Beautiful Arab Country.

Oman- The beautiful arab country

Oman- The Beautiful Arab Country- The Complete Guide.

Hello everyone!! What’s going on?
Got job in Oman? Or looking for a job in Oman? Or going for tourism?

Here I will give a complete and authentic information about Oman as an expatriate and living in Oman since last 3 years.

Oman –
Oman is a very beautiful Arab country which is also the member of GCC, with the large area of 300000 square kilometers and far larger than other GCC countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain with very less and widely spread population of 4.5 Million!!

Muscat – Oman’s Capital-
Many people get confused between Oman and Muscat, Oman is the country name and Muscat is the capital of Oman with near population of 1.6 Million.
It’s a very beautiful city with surrounded by sea.

Muscat is the largest city of Oman and nearly all government offices and major firms are located in Muscat city.

Language In Oman –
Arabic is an official language of Oman as Its an Arab Country.
Nearly half population of Oman constitutes of expatriate, most of them are from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan so they most of the people speak their native language.

Most of the Indians are from the state of Kerala so Malayalam is widely spoken, Bangladeshis speak Bengali while most of the Pakistanis speak Punjabi and Urdu, When they speak to each other they communicate in Hindi so I would say Hindi has widely spoken language in Oman after Arabic.

If you are working in the retail sector, offices or are medical professional then you should learn basic Arabic to communicate with Omani nationals as most of them only understand Arabic !!

Cities in Oman –
Aa Oman has very less population with the large area so the population is widely dispersed with many beautiful cities.
There are many cities such as Muscat, Salalah, Sohar, Sur, Nizwa, Saham etc.

Religion In Oman –
Oman Is an Arab Muslim Countries with Islam is an Official state religion and nearly all Omani nationals are Muslims with few exceptions of businessmen who got Omani nationality in past.

Expatriates come from different religions and there is a very good population of Hindus and Christians.

Oman Currency –
The currency of Oman is Omani Rial which is a very powerful currency in the world, one Omani Rial equals to 2.6 US dollar.
One rial has 1000 Baizas and there is the currency for 10 to 100 Baizas.

Weather In Oman –
As Oman is Gulf country so ultimately climate is very hot, widely spread desert make it hotter.

As its area is the very large, different areas have a different climate at one time especially salah is very beautiful with rain and cold climate.
Rest of Oman remains hot for 7,8 months and 3,4 months are for mild winter.

Is Oman Safe-

Many People who want to come to Oman has this question in Mind that is Oman a safe country??
I can assure you that Oman is one the of the safest country in the world to live, people are very calm and friendly and with helping nature.
the crime rate is very low and you will find cops everywhere as they check every place continuously.
If anything happens, cops will come in within 10 minutes, yes its true !!

Jobs In Oman-
Oman is a very rich country with rich natural resources so their are  lots of job opportunities in every sector, most of the employees are expatriates.
for searching jobs in Oman, you can read this post. How to search Jobs in Gulf Countries.

If you have any query, please free to ask me in the comment section.

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