Nurses Licensing Exam for Oman- Prometric, DataFlow and Oral Exam.

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Nursing Licensure for Ministry Of Health, OMAN

Nurses are the backbone of Healthcare, the most important person in the healthcare system and they formed an average 40 % of total Healthcare Professionals, From Small clinic to Big multi-specialty Hospitals nurse required everywhere so the most job vacancies are for nurses !!

To be able to work in GCC Countries they need to clear licensing exams just like other healthcare professionals so here I will explain how to become a registered nurse in Oman, for other GCC countries I will explain in another post.

Oman is a beautiful Arab Country with the population around 4.4 Million out of which half population constitutes Expatriates, as the country economy is growing, the healthcare sector is also growing very rapidly and most of the nurses are from Asian countries especially from India and Philippines !!.

To be able to work in Oman as a Nurse, need to clear licensing Exams, Document verification and ministry Oral exam, let me explain it step by step so you can understand it well !!
Before Applying for Oman, you must fulfil the following requirements-
1- Must be graduates in Nursing
2-must have 3 years experience after completing Bachelor Degree
3-Applicants must be Registered in Home Country
4- Prometric pass certificate with 60% score
5- Dataflow Verification report
6- Police Clearance Certificate
What to do-
Prometric –
Prometric became the base for All licensing exam so the first step is to cleared the Prometric exam, it’s an easy online exam which can be taken all over the world in many cities and can book online Appointment easily so no need to worry !! to Apply visit  PROMETRIC

Dataflow –                                                                                                                                                                          As the healthcare sector is very strictly monitored, before Applying for an oral exam in Oman, you must verify your Documents from the Dataflow, it’s also online Service, just scan and upload original documents and pay the amount, they will verify documents and give you DATAFLOW Verification report but this process would take more than a month unlike Prometric which can be taken anytime and result would be immediately so it’s better to Apply for Dataflow before Appearing Prometric Exam. Apply For DATAFLOW OMAN

Oman Ministry Of Health Oral Exam-
After clearing Dataflow, Prometric and all documents then submit all documents in the Ministry Of Health Oman, after they will give an oral exam date.

Visit Visa or Contract visa-                                                                                                                                               Here I want to mention one important thing that Oral exam will be in Oman only so need to come on Visit visa or contract visa, which employer will arrange.

Exam Type-
Oral Exam will be like panel Interview so must be well prepared and study well because questions will be on the nursing syllabus and nursing practice.

After Passing the Exam, the Employer will submit all other documents such as Country Identity Card, Malpractice Insurance, Passport, and Visa copy to Ministry then Within two weeks they will issue a License.

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