How to check GAMCA Medical status online.

Gamca Medical status online check

Here we will see how to check GAMCA Medical status online.

It takes a few days to upload the Gcc report online so keep checking.

You can check your GCC medical report for free with just your passport number.

I hope you have done a medical test at the centre and here I will show you how you can check your Gamca medical status online.

Once the Medical test has been done then every Medical test centre needs to update the status of the report in the online system so that GCC countries can check it at any time.

Nowadays there is very little possibility of doing fraud because if the Gamca medical centre enters the medical report wrongly then after going to that particular country if a worker is found to be unfit then Gamca will punish the Medical test centre with a high penalty.

Now we will see how you can check your gamca Medical status report online, for this you need your passport number only just simply follow the following steps. 

Visit the official Gamca website below.

Open Google and search for gamca or gcchmc, and click on the first result as shown in the image below.

Gamca medical status online 1

It will open on the official Gamca website.

At the menu bar, you can see the check medical status option, click on this.

Gamca medical status online 2

It would open on the next page, enter your passport number or GCC slip number, nationality, and security code and click on generate as shown in the image below.

Gamca medical status online 3

Here you have done now you will see the status of your GAMCA medical report with detailed information such as-

  • Name 
  • Passport number
  • Age
  • travelling country
  • Medical centre details.
  • Date of Medical examination.
Gamca medical status online 4

At the below right corner, it will show your Medical status as FIT OR UNFIT as shown in the image above.

If you can’t see the report then you need to wait because it might take time to update.

You can also ask the medical centre to update your gamca medical status online ASAP.

In case the medical centre does not update it within 3 days then you can email GHC about this issue at this email address-

In this simple way, you can check Gamca medical status, if you are unfit then you need to talk to the medical centre.

In case you have an UNFIT report then you can book another appointment after 6 months only.

Mostly the medical centre will tell what problem you have if you are unfit if it’s not a major issue then they will call you for the medical test again after giving some medications.

If you want to book an appointment for Gamca, you may like to read the following blog.

How Can I check Gamca medical status online?

1- Open google and search for Gamca or Gcchmc
2- Click on the official website of Gamca which is –
3- At the menu bar click on check candidate status
4- Enter your passport number and nationality and click on generate.
5- It will generate your Gamca medical report.

What if Gamca medical is unfit?

If you have an UNFIT Gamca medical report then you can make another appointment after 6 months only.

What is Gamca medical?

Gamca Medical or GCCHMC is a program for expatriates who want to work or join families in Gulf countries.

Is Gamca required for Dubai?

Yes, Gamca Medical is mandatory for UAE.

If you still have any queries, please ask me in the comment section, Thank you for reading my blog.

169 thoughts on “How to check GAMCA Medical status online.”

      1. what if you are declared unfit how long it will take to retest??? reason due to high blood sugar…but i test with other center it shows normal

          1. Sir mera repot midecal center wale unfit bata rahe hy un se waja pucha to bole ke tumre pet me left side me kuch mud gaya hy to ky is ke waja se unfit kar dete hy

  1. Hi swaraj

    What to do if gamca medical done before 2 months nad we cant join the company because of project suspension, and now need to do medical for other country but gamca slip is not issuing online .can you out.

    1. Hello Farooq
      As this medical report has 6 months validity may b u need to wait till it expire, because when u applying for gamca slip it not happening though ur report is still active on server and for that particular country u applied for as u mentioned when u applied firstly, im just saying as per my basic knowledge…kindly check with medical centre if any other way for ur solution

      1. hello author, wat if u come wen u have done GCC inn ur country when ur fit ,then after reaching in ur country he machines shows that I am unfit . what can I do ??? I stop wrkg or I continue working . Dan from uganda

    2. online status is not showing or not found.. My employer need can check my status? I already done my medical last month.. Please rply.

      Thank you..

  2. Hie there,
    I have got a job offer for kuwait and as per the consultancy office here in mumbai they sent me for pre medical test which cost 1500rs at one of the gamca approved medical centre without the gamca slip because it’s not the final gamca test and they said if your pre medical tests are ok then they will apply for visa and after that they will send me for gamca medical test but unfortunately my x-ray report is unfit .. so i just want to know that they will apload this results online or not because it was not gamca test which require online slip and 5000rs or more or less depending upon d country and visa also.

    1. I think they will not update the result online because it was just normal checkup but I would suggest you to read another blog posts about GAMCA and read comments for more information.

  3. Balasubramanya Honnenahalli Ramachandra

    Hi, how long will it take for the diagnostic center to update the medical test result on the gcc portal?

  4. Hello Dear,
    I underwent GAMCA medical for Oman last month ,. But they marked my report as UNFIT due to some abnormality in X RAY.I contacted a chest physician and on his advise underwent CT SCAN.My SCAN is normal .Now i am getting call for employment in Qatar.My question is does Qatar is still member of GCC and can i go to Qatar on visit visa, do medical in Qatar for my work permit.My UNFIT report is entered in portal although I have been in GCC for five years.


    1. Please ask Medical centre about this issue before doing Medical..I hope they will solve your issue..let me know what happen.

  6. Dear stubborn,
    I am getting GAMCA unfit X-Ray report for KSA in account of Calcified (Granuloma) Lesion at Upper and Mid Zone of Left Lung. In this connection I would like to place my request for your kind advise;
    • it can be removed or heal up, if yes then what measures or treatment I would take?
    • What is the validity time of report, or when we go to re-examines/appear in next medical check up in GAMCA approved lab?
    Looking forward your kind reply soon.
    Kind Regards,

    1. If they have uploaded report online then It will take 6 Months to take new GAMCA appointment as I came to know from the previous comments.

  7. jameslin priyanka

    While doing my registration i’ve entered as family visa instead of work visa. Will this be a issue? Or the medical center can make change on it?

  8. ginu cissy john

    Respected sir
    I dd gamca medical on december 7and i unfit in xray shows some patch.I dont knw what it exactly outside xray shows as normal.i want to knw wether i can repeat my medical after six months that is coming june.

  9. Is it possible to cancel gamca slip after generating (No Medical Test Done)?
    I am n different city and by mistake I select different city. Ao should i wait for Gamca slip expiration or is there any way to change city? Or cancel an appointment? Please help.

  10. Hi,
    I have undergone medical checkup at gamca medical centre. But they are unable to upload results to software as there is some server issue which they claim to be at the software server end handled at somewhere in GCC country.
    What can i do in such situation?

  11. Hi
    I registered Gamca medical detect mony from my account,but when I print my gcc slip show result not found,how can return my money.

  12. Hi
    i did gamca medical from gamca and declared unfit due to old scar in chest. although the validity of report is already expired. it still shows in gamca website. kindly advise when report will be removed from gamca website or there is any other solution.

  13. I am Indian..

    Recently my travel agency generated GAMCA Medical slip for my employment visa for Bahrain. I gave my original passport and Rs 1500 fee for GAMCA slip generation.

    My travel agency generated slip and i did medical and declare FIT also, but my medical center and myself came to know that in GAMCA slip my nationality was wrong selected (Instead of Indian it is Iranian) when i asked to my travel agency then he told by mistake it was selected.

    Now medical center staff got confused with this peculiar problem and not understand what to do ?

    Any one please help me in this regards, what can be done in this case ?

  14. My chest x-ray report is right side upper zoon Sol is showing this is my birth Mark and I done City scan doctor is giving normal report also no treatment because this is normal so please advise me what can I do

  15. I found same gcc slip number issued to two different passports, is it normal or there is some bug in the system, due to which this issue happened

  16. Dear

        Last 05Aug2019 i booked for Gamca medical and done the result for qatar. Now i need gamca medical for Oman can i book for new medical, its already finished 90days.  But it shows the old GCC slip and report.

  17. Prodeep Kumar padhy

    I was declared unfit for KSA employment.
    The medical report expired yesterday.
    When can I have a new medical test?

  18. Mohammad Ehtasham

    I have one query regarding Gamca report submitted…i wanted to know that whose responsibility to upload Gamca report and what is the official site for upload…. Medical Center official said that some problems in the site…plz reply if u know…

  19. Sir stubborn
    I was taken appointment but not done test i am watimg for expire that appointment and i want to take another appointment in delhi after how long it will get expire… slip generated 24 October

  20. Sir stubborn
    Can i go oman on visit visa and done medical over there ,they can give me work visa there . Or i have to return to my country and after that they will send me work visa

  21. I’m fit already in the status but LMRA Bahrain need the complete medical check up I made .. Then accredited hospital don’t know how to do it .. What will I tell to this Hospital?

  22. Hi,
    Kindly let me know who can do editing if a wrong entry is made by medical centre while entering profession..gcchmc or medical centre can do by their login …how long it will take?


  23. I have done my medical test at gcc and they told me that i have prominent lung markings and prescribed antibiotics and told me to repeat x ray after 12 days.
    Is it a serious matter,ll i get fit result

  24. I have done medical checkup at GAMCA , Chennai location but they are not updated medical checkup/status in GAMCA web site.

  25. Hi I Mohammed Mohsin I done a medical for Oman but my agent said Bahrain it’s my mistake or his I don’t know but know can I change the medical or I have to wait for 3 months please give me any suggestions how I can change the medical for bahrein

  26. Sir, I wanted to know whether medical centre will make unfit if anyone have done varicocele surgery in the past. Do i need to take a scan reports from other diagnostic centre to tell them that everthing is normal. is this a concerned issue to make me unfit. are there any examples where candidates failed the test due to Varicocele surgery done.

  27. DEAR SIR,
    I got offer from Kuwait but in GAMCA chest surgery mark present and sternum pin found in X-RAY although LUNG, no any kind of spot -X ray normal. It was said due to chest surgical mark & sternum pin decleared unfit inspite all blood report, X-ray,NOrmal. Pl suggest some solution.

  28. Dear sir,
    Is this possible to carry out direct medical in Kuwait on visiting visa to avoid any confusion regarding fitness as GAMCA doctor said this might be not acceptable as stitch metallic pin visible in X-RAY.
    Doctor was not clear about situation and declared unfit.

  29. Hi, I checked medical gcc medical center chennai 25th Nov, I checked medical report online with my GCC slip no display different report but using my possport no display my report how to delete rough report

  30. i made a GAMCA for saudi before 1 year.

    report was unfit because rightt side minor pleural thickning is notedin the right costopherenic angle.

    what should i do in future. sir can i go gulf country…

  31. Hello sir,
    hope you are doing well.
    i need ur suggestion im trying since two days for an medical appointment for oman but payment is getting rejected by credit card . so i need to take a test immediately in india can u suggest wats the prblm may b or any other method for taking an medical appointment.
    im waiting for your kind reply.

  32. I am SHEKH MOHAMMAD IRSHAD As per company requirement I did the Pre-Medical checkup from (Mumbai Diagnostic centre) on 12-11-2019 and I got fitness certificate for work. But for visa processing I needed the fitness certificate from GAMCA approved medical center. So, I taken medical fitness test from GAMCA approved medical center in (kaifak Medicare Mumbai) Medical centre code:-01/03/02, Medical centre website:-www.kaifak, Medical centre email, Medical centre Mobile No:-+912222822186 on 10-12-2019 to go kuwait. But that medical center told that is you are suffering to (Micro filaria) So they prescribed me some tablets for a week and asked me to come for 27-12-2019. This same day i go to the Goverment hospital and well as private hospital and i give my blood sample for micro filaria but my report is Negative.I am not suffering to micro filaria. And they said we will not enter your unfit status in GAMCA portal so, you can take another medical test after 21 days from any other medical center. But as per my current situation if I wait 21 days may be I will loose my current offer. I checked my blood goverment and private hospital which were taken after one day doctor confirmed that there is no evidence for micro filaria. If they declare to GAMCA I am unfit, I can\’t go to any GCC countries for work.

    So please advise how can I solve this issue immediately

    Your faithfully
    Shekh Mohammad irshad

    1. Its better to wait and take another appointment.
      Fortunately, they have given you a chance so please ask your sponsor for some time.

  33. After getting medical token we have to go at the same day we get it ? Or any other day as per our choice …
    Waiting for your reply sir

  34. I done medical test today but they didn’t give any information about my fitness ,I am fit or not, and also they are not update in in the official site

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