How to check GAMCA Medical status online.

Gamca Medical status online check

Here we will see how to check GAMCA Medical status online.

It takes a few days to upload the Gcc report online so keep checking.

You can check your GCC medical report for free with just your passport number.

I hope you have done a medical test at the centre and here I will show you how you can check your Gamca medical status online.

Once the Medical test has been done then every Medical test centre needs to update the status of the report in the online system so that GCC countries can check it at any time.

Nowadays there is very little possibility of doing fraud because if the Gamca medical centre enters the medical report wrongly then after going to that particular country if a worker is found to be unfit then Gamca will punish the Medical test centre with a high penalty.

Now we will see how you can check your gamca Medical status report online, for this you need your passport number only just simply follow the following steps. 

Visit the official Gamca website below.

Open Google and search for gamca or gcchmc, and click on the first result as shown in the image below.

It will open on the official Gamca website.

At the menu bar, you can see the check medical status option, click on this.

It would open on the next page, enter your passport number or GCC slip number, nationality, and security code and click on generate as shown in the image below.

Here you have done now you will see the status of your GAMCA medical report with detailed information such as-

  • Name 
  • Passport number
  • Age
  • travelling country
  • Medical centre details.
  • Date of Medical examination.

At the below right corner, it will show your Medical status as FIT OR UNFIT as shown in the image above.

If you can’t see the report then you need to wait because it might take time to update.

You can also ask the medical centre to update your gamca medical status online ASAP.

In case the medical centre does not update it within 3 days then you can email GHC about this issue at this email address-

In this simple way, you can check Gamca medical status, if you are unfit then you need to talk to the medical centre.

In case you have an UNFIT report then you can book another appointment after 6 months only.

Mostly the medical centre will tell what problem you have if you are unfit if it’s not a major issue then they will call you for the medical test again after giving some medications.

If you want to book an appointment for Gamca, you may like to read the following blog.

How Can I check Gamca medical status online?

1- Open google and search for Gamca or Gcchmc
2- Click on the official website of Gamca which is –
3- At the menu bar click on check candidate status
4- Enter your passport number and nationality and click on generate.
5- It will generate your Gamca medical report.

What if Gamca medical is unfit?

If you have an UNFIT Gamca medical report then you can make another appointment after 6 months only.

What is Gamca medical?

Gamca Medical or GCCHMC is a program for expatriates who want to work or join families in Gulf countries.

Is Gamca required for Dubai?

Yes, Gamca Medical is mandatory for UAE.

If you still have any queries, please ask me in the comment section, Thank you for reading my blog.

169 thoughts on “How to check GAMCA Medical status online.”

  1. Dear author,

    My sister is travelling to ksa he did medical but its not showing online and stamping of visa is done, he will face any problem in saudi because medical report not showing online

    1. Plz tell me the creatinine range of minimum and and maximum bz i done my test 2 time for creatinine. It’s Range 1.4 plz guide me

  2. James Vincent Smith

    hi will Gamaca give a specific date or can we select the date when we want to go , because people who travel from outstation have to plan the train tickets accordingly , also is debit card payment accepted for online booking or only credit card

    1. Gamca slip is valid for 21 days so you can go any time before the expiry of slip and please use a credit card to book an appointment.

      1. Aoa may I know my husband visa is rejected by Ksa embassy n they kept themselves report of medical now he have Oman visa n he want to go but online medical couldn’t possible at least 3 months before kindly tell any other possible way that he could be able to make medical again now

  3. Sir they are claiming that my bilirubin is 1.7 and they said it should be 1.5 but 1.7 is also not in jaundice range.what should i do know?

    1. No problem but I do not know why they are doing like this, better to consult a Physician and take a fit report and show it to Gamca person.

  4. Sir I am from rajasthan and I had gcc medical 03/02 and they said me I have kaf problam wrote me same medicines aftar 5 days they did my x ray repeat and said you are unfit I go to private doctor and he said u r fine now I talk with gcc medical center they said u are unfit after 21 days u do new medical again but my frist gcc slip valid for 21 days so how can they that. Sir pl reply me shortly. Thanks

  5. Which day i got my report i did my medical check up again and the report is normal x ray everything now what should i do for further

    1. Hi I have completed the process of medical appointment, it was asking for the CC payment, I have entered the Credit card details, after clicking on submit it was thrown back to the same appointment page and money not deducted, but second time tried to book appointment, saying details already exist, what to do now?

  6. i have been declared UNFIT on my GAMCA report- reason being high BP at the time of check. how long will this report be valid as the slip doesnt show any valid period of time and when can i apply for next medical

  7. Dears, have anyone requested for change in profession in medical report and how long it took? My profession is General Electronic Engineer but in medical report got it as General Electric Engineer.

    Any idea how long it will take correct that? When I checked with the medical center they are saying they don’t have an option to edit after submitting the form and they need to send a mail to GHC to correct.

    Any valuable information would be of great help!!

    1. Hi” my profession went incorrect in GCC medical report “pls inform to me rectification process and how many days take time

  8. The medical center had given me unfit report & I was lost my job but when I consult a private doctor he had gave me a fit report,

  9. Hi
    May I know the validity of GAMCA medical report. And can I request to extend it validity due to current suitation mean corona.

  10. HI,


  11. I just registered on for my Bahrain medical and paid 10$ through my friend Master card but slip not generated. Error record not found. Please help me its urgent and your contact no. is not showing anywhere!!!! What can I do now? Help me!!!!!

  12. Dear Stubborn,

    I undergone from heart surgery in 2010 so can i clear gamca meadical for fit??

    Kindly reply..


    1. In Gamca they check for specific diseases mostly contagious so no need to worry about this.
      I hope you will be clear.

      1. Hey. I did my medical for oman i got hepatitis B positive soo they told me unfit i went for another blood test the doctor said it’s going to stay in blood forever but you are healthy fit and fine. I applied for family visa my husband and his entire family lives there. Please help me.
        I am perfectly fine.

  13. My name Ali Bakhsh my passport no AH 3344443 mein ni July 2019 koo Saudi Arabia kly medical centre Al zaeem medical centre sy medical karwaya hai too Al zaeem medical centre sy mein medical unfit hoowa tha aaj date hai 13.01.2021 abhi takk Gamca online per mery report moojood hai please ye kab takk report online sy finish hoogi please koi help karoo mujhy medical fit karaoo. My personal contact no hai . 03043576774 Ali

  14. Please Al zaeem medical centre Karachi waloo sy mery request hai kh mein ni July 2019 mein medical karwaya tha mera medical unfit hai please help karoo online gamca sy mery report finish karoo please help karoo ap ki merbani hoogi. Mein gareeb hu mery beti koo dil mein sorag hai elag Kyle pareshan hu please help karoo mery request koo Al zaeem medical centre sy approval karoo please help me . My passport no hai . Ah3344443. My name Ali my personal contact no hai . 03043576774 Ali

  15. HI.

    I have undergone a surgery for Intestine obstruction in Bahrain around 2 years ago.. i also have the medical fitness certificate provided by the hospital and currently i am well doing. will it affect my Gamca Medical test ?

  16. Hi,

    I have done my gamca everything is fine just my sgpt and sgot is high, for this you this they will give me unfit ?

  17. Hi
    I did my medical examination for KSA. they diagnosed me sgpt which was printed on a slip and with hand, they wrote HCV is 0.63 value and they suggested me to come after one week.
    I got a lab for these tests on the same day they declared a normal HCV 0.09 value, but the sgpt was high.
    After a week I took another normal lab result and goto the medical center, they said you are not eligible to go to KSA as you have HCV.
    I have shown the lab results report but they didn’t accept it.
    Now I’m almost lost my opportunity.
    What I do now?


    I went to the lab for medical. My pocket was cut in the lab. I lost my passport and ID medical status is fit. I have made ID card and passport. Do I have to get medical again on my new passport? Lab can update my report? Please guide me 🙏🙏 i m very worried about..

  19. Sir
    I got time for medical from GCC online system. I couldn’t manage to report the medical center with due date that was 12th March.
    Now I am unable to generate a new a new slip for medical as system is not accepting payment.
    Please guide.

  20. Hello i done medical. The medicall status is fit. But i do not show the full report. How get full report? By hand or online

  21. Hi,

    I want to discuss the case of a vitiligo person who is a female gynecologist. Will she be fit or unfit in gamca medical test ?

  22. I went for a test and they said I have hipatitis , can . How can I check my status and is it possible to redo the test after it has been uploaded

  23. Hello Sir,
    I have done my medical on dated 30.08.2021. I am having very little cough. Will it effect the medical results in X-ray? I am afraid if it come unfit because of this. Cough is not a disease like anyone can be declared unfit because of this only. Please suggest what are the chances of being unfit due to minor cough?
    Second, they told me that I have lever infection. They gave me medication of 7 days and repeat blood test will be done after. What are the chances to being normal after the medication of 7 days.
    Please reply.

  24. karim iqbal ghouri

    I want to go uae i need your help i have a gamca medical heart size is going to be issue so what should i have to do

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