How to Book Online GAMCA/GCC Medical Test Appointment


Got a job offer from GCC country? Or want to bring your Spouse to GCC country and want to perform a GAMCA Medical test then don’t worry you are on right website.

Here I will explain how to book an online Gamca appointment for the GCC Medical test, also knows as GAMCA Medical Check Up

Good news is that GULF HEALTH COUNCIL has closed GAMCA offices in India so now you can book an online appointment.

It’s very easy process as before it was very tedious work because had to go early morning to the GAMCA centres and stand in long queue and take the appointment then go to medical centre for test.

If you want know more about Gamca then please another detail post on on gamca-

Now you can take Online appointment and can go directly to the Medical centre and do medical test.

Gamca- How to book.

Follow the Steps-

Here I will explain you step by step how to book the appointment for the medical test, Make sure that you have a good internet connection and credit card to make the payment.

Go to the internet browser and search GCC Medical or GAMCA as shown in the picture then click on website.How to Book Online GAMCA/GCC Medical Test Appointment 1

On the homepage of the website you can see the option “ Book your appointment “
Click on this option.

How to Book Online GAMCA/GCC Medical Test Appointment 2
Then this would open the form to register for the test as shown in the picture, fill this form carefully then click on submit.

How to Book Online GAMCA/GCC Medical Test Appointment 3
The next step is to make payment, check your details carefully again. You need pay 10$ for this appointment, make sure that you have the Credit card to make payment, Then click on pay then make payment.

How to Book Online GAMCA/GCC Medical Test Appointment 4How to Book Online GAMCA/GCC Medical Test Appointment 5

Once the payment is successful then again open the same website, you can see print GCC Slip option on the menu then click on this menu as shown in the picture.

How to Book Online GAMCA/GCC Medical Test Appointment 6

then it would open into the following page, fill the detail.

How to Book Online GAMCA/GCC Medical Test Appointment 7
Enter Passport number and nationality and click on Generate , this would generate GCC online slip with all details such as candidate’s information and address of Medical test centre as shown in picture.

How to Book Online GAMCA/GCC Medical Test Appointment 8

Print 2,3 copies of this slip and go directly to the medical centre with original passport and photographs.

This should be kept in mind that Each GCC Countries have different specifications for photographers so please take photos according to that requirements.

At the Medical test centre, you can make payment by card or by cash, in my case they have accepted cash payment so it’s better to keep cash also.

Thanks, if you have any queries, you can ask me in the comment section.

Gamca Slip not generated-

I got many comments that after making payment slip is not generated ?

After reviewing and checking many comments, I would suggest you that after making a payment please wait for 2,3 days then check again and I hope your slip will be ready.

In some cases I have seen that it would take more than 4,5 days to generate a slip so please do not worry and do not make payment again.

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  1. I applied medical appointment for UAE yesterday but by mistake i selected country kuwait so its taken kuwait appointment now i want to cancel this appointment.How i can cancel or reshedule the appointment.

    1. please email them about this if they accept its ok otherwise you need book an appointment again, but its good thing that you saw it before going for medical

          1. Hi bro I am also same problem I am applying medical slip for agency they are booked wrong address because I am in tamilnadu but they are booked new Delhi till now 19n days gone I am not getting status from agent what can I do please reply urgent

          2. Hi bro I am informed agent he toll to me i am getting last gamca expiry 23rd Aug after only I am getting new gamca it is true bro please reply

  2. I did my online GCC slip on 2nd Oct 2018 and that slip is valid till 23rd oct 2018. I am not been to rush medical center till 23rd oct 2018. Now today i make an new appointment payment has been debited from my card but on online GCC slip they showed the old slip i.e. valif upto 23rd oct 2018. Iam searching everywhere and mail to gcc on feedback and through gmail also.. They dont responsed yet. I dont know what to do now. Please suggest me the right way..

    1. Please try again after one or two days because just my friend taken second appointment and done medical, or just call medical centre and ask them about this.

  3. FAizan Ahmad Bhat

    I have to book an appointment for Saudia Arabia but the payment fails again and again. I am paying through SBI Debit card. What to do now.

    1. you need pay by using any credit card, if you don’t have then you can ask your friend or relative,it will be successful.

      1. Hi, i am trying from yesterday to pay from my Kuwait credits cards, used 2 different banks, still payment failing. I emailed gulf health council, they said they did not receive any payment, of course i know that since it said payment failed. Error message it gives is, Transaction blocked by fraud check. I called my bank and they say there is no issue with your credit card. Gulf Health Council says use another credit card. I don’t think it’s credit card. 2 active credit cards of 2 different banks will not give same error.

  4. i have taken appointment for medical check in Kolkata medical center. is it possible to go Lucknow approved medical center to do the medical.

    Please advice

  5. I have done my last medical in Aug and waiting for next apointment now can someone tell me how much time it will take for next apointment, as 3 months already passed and it took a same period for next apointment….

  6. Sir…My GCC slip expires by 12th November and I will not be able to attend the medical due to non accceptence of leave by my current employer. Can I book another appointment immediatly after 12th November or should I wait for another 3 months for booking next appointment. Kindly let me know

  7. My GCC slip will expire by November 12th. I will not be able to attend the medical due to travel reasons. Can I book another appointment on November 13th or should I wait for another 3 months.

  8. Mujhy token ki slip wala paper chahiye jis main amount mention ho and medicinal centre wala bhi amount Wala paper chahiye hain wahan stamp ke Sath mery husband Saudi main hain mery unhy chahiye woh slip dono aur mera X-ray and blood test hogaya hain report aj collect karni hain tou kya woh dono papers ap bana ke dain jo online token liya aur second medical amount wala fees 7,800 jis ki yeh fees thi aur token ki 2000 thousandth plz answer

    1. aap ko Token batakar Report Mil Jayegi aur receipt Medical Centre se mang lena aur aap apna token kisi ke pass bhi de sakte ho wo report denge, chahe to ek baar call kar lena centre mai.

  9. Senthil Amirthalingam

    Please advise me that I have done medical on 22 November 2018 and they called me after three days for re-test since I am suffering from cold and blood sugar.

    Now I would like to go for test next month due to cold and I am getting medicine now.

    It’s possible or can I get new appointment, kindly advise.

  10. Hi can enyone please guide what should one do if passport number in GAMCA slip gets wrong ! it’s observed by my medical clinic after taking all medical tests and while downloading report?

  11. I took an appointment for gamca medical
    But i am unable to reach the medical center for some specific problem the slip validity is expired.
    Can i appoint online again for medical test

    1. you can only select the city and it will automatically generate the medical centre and you need to go to same centre which have mentioned in the slip

  12. My medical report is unfit due to soft opacity on X-ray… They have not uploaded report online.
    My validity of present gamca slip is 10 Dec.

    Shall I generate new gamca slip after 10 dec by paying amount again and go for medical?
    Or other option is there as I want to go as soon as possible.

      1. I already consulted MD.
        He is saying everything is normal. So not ready to give any treatment.

        When I contacted again with GCC center, they told local doctors will not check as per GCC guidelines. You dont have any illness but opacity (kind of scar). What shall I do?

        Can I take appointment before expiry of this Slip or I can take after 10 dec only?

        1. its better to take an appointment after some days only, one of my friend had same issue but now he got fit certificate.

    1. Next day report mil jaata Hai , Medical centre mai apko 4,6 thousand pay karna hoga, Sab Countries ka difffrent amount hai .

  13. Heart Bypass Surgery candidate can go to saudiarabia…After 4 months of heart surgery…pls answer…Thanks in advance.

  14. What to write in national id column?
    I have seen some people writing their passport number.
    is it okay or should i leave it blank ?

    1. IF any communicable disease like TB then It is unfit, Its better to do Medical in India only, but for Oman, Medical test are done in Oman mostly, I would suggest you to consult a chest Physician first.

    1. Please check the GAMCA Website and click on check Medical status, but Medical centre will issue a test report and that only valid.

  15. Sir
    There is a mistake in my online GCC slip, I wrongly enter my passport expiry date. please help me to let me know how to correct it.

  16. Hello..How long does it take to re-book once the slip has been already declared unfit and out of treatment the person is okay. Should the person wait six months to rebook again? Thanks

    1. some are telling six months while some telling 3 Months but my friend booked an appointment within a month only and passed the test.

  17. According to royal diagnostic center jaipur you have to wait 3 months and according to gamca online medical report status you have to wait six months
    Not quit sure

  18. Sugat Bhalshankar

    hello sir,Iam from India(mumbai) & expiry of my
    1st GAMCA medical test report is 8th dec 2018.I want to make a new appointment for when should i book new appointment,before 8th dec or after 8th dec?

  19. I have family Visa for my wife, Daughter (3 years) and son (4 months), I need to know that Medical is required for children also? if yes then how we do make appointment for children? separately with mother? Please guide. Thank you in advance.

  20. Hi,

    If someone gets a GCC center appointment online suppose today i.e 26 Dec 2018 and after visiting next day the medical center mention to come again after a week ( for e.g if there is some ratio problem in Hep B) than can I change my center by paying and taking new appointment before the expiry of previous medical center appointment which is expiring on 15 Jan 2019??

    1. I would suggest you first visit a private consultant and make sure that you are fit and take appointment after 15 Jan only if you want before may be it would show an error message.

  21. Imran Sarwar Mughal

    My slip expired on 18 Dec
    I applied again but when I am generating slip it is coming old one
    How can I generate new one

      1. Mohammed Abdul Rahman Khan

        Ok I’ll try once. By the way, I am bringing my wife on permanent family visa. So in the Visa Type section, I thing I should choose Family Visa. Right ?

  22. Dear Sir..

    If I take new appointment (for different center) just after expiry of gamca slip… Can medical center upload the fit/ unfit report against old gamca slip or it will be deactivated. Only new report will be valid?

  23. For Oman work visa one of Gamca Mumbai centre declare me unfit, they have done repeat x ray test after that they are saying I have old healed tb scar. But they have not given any reports and saying you should not collect report or else you will be ban for lifetime. What to do now as I have no history of tb and also consult with Pulmonologist and done X ray guess what I am perfectly alright no old TB scar or anything in reports. My Gamca slip is valid till 10th Jan and also my reports are not uploaded in LMRA website please help me out to clear my medical test? Thanks in advance

    1. My friend had the same issue but he had taken new appointment and now got fit status, I would suggest you to consult a physician and take an apportionment after some days I hope it will be OK.

  24. Yes already on medicine for 5 days my doctor told me you can go for fresh medical after this treatment.
    But I am bit confused about new appointment?
    Should I choose new city for safer side as I don’t know if I select Mumbai again same centre may come in gamca slip? Also when I can get new appointment immediately after my gcc slip validity I.e 10jan or I have to wait few more days to get new appointment?

    1. I got the same comment with passport number so I was checking since yesterday so finally now slip is generated so I would suggest you to check after a day.

      1. Sir it’s showing payment successful. Money debited from account but pay slip not generated. Should I redo?

        My passport number



        Sir plz reply sir

    1. To take an appointment you need to pay 10 Dollar and at the medical centre for Oman need to pay around 4400 Rs.

      1. Sir it’s showing payment successful. Money debited from account but pay slip not generated. Should I redo?

        My passport number



        Name is lavkush

        Plz reply sir

  25. नमस्कर सर मेरा नाम संजय तिवारी है
    मै 5 महीना पहले एक बहरेन जाने के लिए मेडिकल करवाया था जिसमें मुझे maicrofalira के लिए अनफिट के दिया क्या था लेकिन जब मै अलग मेडिकल करवाया तो मै फिट था,
    30 जनवरी को मै फिर से मेडिकल करवना चाहता हूं
    क्या सर आे लोग गलत रिपोर्ट दे देते है ,
    सवाल :- सर मै gamca कितने दिन बाद कटवा सकता हूं
    उदाहरण मैं आज gamca बुक किया, लेकिन जिस सेंटर का नाम आया मै वहां नहीं गया, तो क्या मै तुरन्त दूसरा gamca बुक कर सकता हूं

  26. Jawad Rahman Hafeez Rahman

    Dear Author.
    I appretiate your effort to write such a useful & helpful article. I have a number of question to ask from you.
    I have applied for permanent family ( wife and a son) of 2 year old.
    1. After payment, how long is this receipt valid?
    2. Do i have to do Medical test of my 2 year son also?
    3. If No, what are the alternate requirement for him for stamping visa?

    1. Thanks for your comment, you can see the expiry date on the receipt, you can do medical within 21 days after generating the receipt, No need to do medical for children especially for Oman, I think need parents passport only for stamping visa.

  27. Kolkata gamgc medical centre unfit me for wrinrom black spot are my back…. WhWh i do for fit plplea suggest me….

  28. sir i want to take appointment for my wife .she has family visa.just i want to know that once i take appointment then how long its valid from the appointment date.and second thing that can i use saudi debit card and saudi credit card ,or only indian credit card will be accept

    1. After generating a Gamca slip you would see the expiry date of slip, its around 21 days so you can go to medical centre within 21 days and I would suggest you to make payment by Indian credit card.

  29. Sherin Ann Sanal

    Sir it’s showing payment successful.
    Money debited from my account but slip not generated. Showing no records found #error

    My passport number



      1. Can somebody please please help me regarding generating a slip of gamca. Already paid and money deducted but the site shows no records found.

        Passport number is Z5156578
        Nationality : Indian

  30. Sir I have booked GAMCA appointment but unfortunately I didn’t take my test which is expired on 11 th January,Can I will take another appointment soon or some restriction is there?

  31. Dear Sir, GCC on line book apointment payment done successful and Charges deducted from my account but slip not generated. Showing no records found #error
    My passport number is
    Please advice

  32. Respected sir,
    I have to take appointment for medical test, and I have tried so many times but I am not able to take appointment coz the GAMCA site is not working properly.
    Please tell me what to do..

  33. is it mandatory to have credit card to take an appointment?or is it ok with debit card,becoz i tried with both,cannot make payment,it shows payment failed

    1. I think there is some problem even I am tying to download Gamca slip but showing no records found, I hope it would resolve soon.

  34. Respected sir,

    I don’t have much time..I have to submit my report ASAP.
    Please tell me what to do..Do we have another choice.
    Sir, please advice..

    1. Now all appointment must be booked online only,do not worry!! try tomorrow. I would suggest you to change your browser and give a try.

  35. Sir.

    1. Can I get flexible dates to take the test or they fix a date and I have to go accordingly.

    2. Do they send the reports direclty to oman company? Or will hand over to me after sometime.

    1. It will generate a expiry date on the slip which is around 21 days, you can do medical within this period at any time.
      GAMCA Will update a medical test result online but you need to collect hard copy of result from the centre only.

  36. Thanks Sir.

    Recently I had experienced bed bugs bite on my back and stomach which are dried now but had left pimple marks on my belly.

    Will they check this as well.

    Will this make any difference in my reports.?


  37. Dear sir

    I have done gamca medical on 20 sep 2018 and they declare me unfit because of scare on my X-ray report
    And my report is online showing unfit on gamca website

    So now can I go for re medical after 6 month?
    Or banned for lifetime?
    Result validity showing up to 20 march 2019

    1. It is very sad that GAMCA done this, you had consulted chest physician first then should have taken appointment but now they have updated report online so you can not do anything if it was a major problem then they will ban you for lifetime but take new appointment and try.
      this happens to my friend also, he had same issue but GAMCA did not updated his result online so he had taken new appointment and passed the test and now he is working in Kuwait.

      1. Dear sir I am trying to take new appointment through gamca website but there system says passport already exists in our system

          1. Dear sir

            I have done gamca medical on 20 sep 2018 and they declare me unfit because of scare on my X-ray report
            And my report is online showing unfit on gamca website

            So now can I go for re medical after 6 month?
            Or banned for lifetime?
            Result validity showing up to 20 march 2019

            I am trying to take new appointment through gamca website but there system says passport already exists in our system

            What should I do now please advise

          2. Online gamca status showing Unfit and result valid upto 20 march 2019

            So please advise me what I do now to get new appointment

          3. Take new appointment, My friend had the same issue but Gamca did not updated his status online so he had done medical again and passed and now working in Kuwait.

          4. I understand your friend had same issue and he had taken new appointment and passed the test because his report was not updated online
            But my case is different sir my report is online and result validity is 20 march 2019 showing on lmra Website
            How can I take new appointment now?
            As there system says error passport number already exists in our system
            Please advise me what I do now
            Wait for 20 march 2019 ?

      2. Same situation and same problem for me. But updated my unfit results GAMCA and LMRA. Validity date 8.07.19. March 3rd 2019 I’m attend shutdown work in qatar I’m selected. But I’m told directly client he is told no issues . But this free recruitment.thats I’m trying this job.After doing private medical 3500. Medical fit. He is told this month last visa come. But visa come or not come sir. Please tell me sir

  38. Sir,
    I have paid for my medical test for bahrain work visa through my credit card and money was deducted from my account at first it showed payment successful then after a second it’s showing error and when I checked In generate slip option it’s showing no records what should I do next.will they refund the money or do i have to rebook. Please help

  39. soebmahammadkhan pathan

    Plz Help me ..

    Today I had taken a gcc appoinment for bhairin, i also made payment succesfully but, i cant generate gcc slip.. tell me what i do now.? if i trying to generet gcc slip its showing ” record no found” , why?

  40. Sir,
    i have completed my medical examination on 12/01/19, but next day Dr. not provide fitness report to me they are saying you please come after 2 week for blood test again.

    ” Sir as i am seeing online medical test status that showing This candidate is FIT”

    Same on GAMCA-LMRA my medical result sowing FIT.
    results validity showing 3 months (12/04/19)

    Please suggest medical center can amend my online report and why medical center telling me for visit again
    if every thing showing FIT online. please suggest as soon possible.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Did they prescribed any medicine for you? no need to worry I think you are fit, I think you would visit them soon and let me know.

  41. No, Doctor did not prescribed any medicine as I have confirmed for same with reporting section.

    I tried to know why you want to do blood test again if any problems then please suggest any medicine.

    Sir you please suggest now they can change my result as that now showing Fit on GAMCA – LAMRA.


    1. I think now they can not change result once updated, You need to visit them,May be they have called you for vaccine?

  42. I have booked an appointment through GCCHMC slip. But the center to whom I am allocated is having a issue with the system and asking me to change the centre. Please suggest, Its very urgent.

      1. I can’t see any option to change the center and they are asking me to re issue the slip again which mean that I have to wait for 14 days. I have tried to contact them GCCHMC site but not getting any response from them.

  43. Hello Auther. Thanks for providing useful information.

    My doubt is, do GAMCA checks by making a candidate complete nude?

    I am asking because I have ring worms and fungle infection.

    Pls suggest.

    1. They will check major contagious diseases like TB and other so no need to worry,once you have done medical please give us feedback, Best of luck!!

  44. Sir,
    As on my last comment.
    My Gamca result is showing Fit result valid up to 12/04/19, but centre not provide me Fit certificate(hard copy)
    Sir i went to medical centre but again they told me for re blood test after 3 week.

    Sir as per my knowledge they are only repeating, in mean time I have recheck my medical test in home district medical hospital and get ok report.

    Sir for kind notice:-
    I am talking about Gulf Medical Center , Rajendra place New Delhi,
    This centre now showing Inactive on Gamca website.

    Now Inactive centre can issue my medical certificate? Or gamca online result is enough


    1. For which country you have done medical? in case of Oman they can check online status in Oman only and can proceed for National identity card so no need of original copy but if you are going to another GCC countries then they might ask you about original copy.
      I think this centre has some problem but I do not understood why GAMCA given this centre in slip, If possible please check what they are doing with other applicants,are they getting certificate or not, at Medical centre you would find many applicants.

  45. Sir,

    As per above I am going to Saudi Arabia ( online gamca FIT result is enough ? )

    I think , agent were taking certificate in yellow envelope.

    But I meet with some candidate they were saying this centre only repeats the medical test not giving the report, and nothing saying when ask about issue due to this repeating again and again.

    Sir please suggest , my GAMCA slip appointment date will be expire today.
    Can i take fresh appointment (My result FIT is save on GAMCA website result valid up to 12/04/19) on tomorrow


    1. I think You can not book an appointment again because they have already updated your GAMCA status in online system.
      I would suggest you to ask your Saudi HR to call GAMCA office and complain about them, here is number of GAMCA office : +966 920020885.
      and better to wait and take an original medical certificate in case of Saudi Arabia.

  46. Hello Sir?
    I did my medical test 3 months but due to some issue ididnt process my visa for saudi arabia and my medical now expired. Today i tried to generate new medical slip and also payment was debited from my account, but the slip didnt generate and the system showing the old slip which is expired. Please tell me what to do thanks.

    1. Yes dear!! This 10 Dollar is only for taking an appointment and at the Medical centre you need to pay more amount which depend upon country that you are going but it is around 4400 to 5500 Indian rupees.

  47. Dear Sir

    I have done my gamca test on 20 Oct 2018
    And they declared me unfit because of little scar on my X-ray report
    I check my report is online on gamca website showing result unfit and result validity is 20 march 2019
    Can i go for re medical after 20 march 2019
    Or some one told me my report is updated online and i am banned for lifetime as my report is online

    Please advise me

    Can i go for re medical now or not?

  48. Since I have a small skin tag near my genital area.will it be major problem for getting GAMCA FIT slip?.And I am 23,98kg 5’10”.does overweight make any problem?.

  49. I have given my medical test in HEFCO medical centre New delhi on 31st Jan. My test result was FIT but they are saying that they are not able to generate report due to GAMCA site issue. Please let me know how can I check whether they are saying correctly or not.

    1. You can check previous comments also some applicants facing same issue so please wait but did you check status of Medical centre?

  50. Hi, I have completed my medical and got a report medically fit. But my passport was damaged and now I got my new passport. I am in process of stamping for Saudi Arabia but now they told me to do new medical with new passport number. Still my previous medical is under validity. Please suggest

  51. Jayprakash K Poojari

    Hi need to know, my passport details entered was wrong and need to rectify it.The medical center said they will do it on my behalf however i dont trust them since i need the report asap. How to proceed?

      1. hi, I need to know that i registered my wife for GAMCA medical for Oman. I had done the payment from my debit card and it got deducted too, however i am not able to generate my slip!!

        If some one can please assist?

  52. Jayprakash K Poojari

    The Medical centre has declared me fit however they are saying until the passport number is changed by GCCHMC ppl they cant give me the report. So i dont have the physical report with me and my company needs it asap to process the visa.Please help

    1. Dear, Please request GAMCA centre only..Because they can only update the report online and can give hard copy of report.

  53. Hello everyone, I have done my medical test for Oman on November 19th, now my travel is changed to Kuwait, when I try to generate new slip for Kuwait in ghc website it says passport number alrwada exist. How shld I do the medical for Kuwait then?

  54. Hi, Appreciate your response to so many queries. My queries are:

    1. Do I need to undergo a Pre-Departure medical test for work visa in Oman or it can be done after going there also?

    2. If it can be done after going there then after how many days of reaching it can be done ? what all test they do in Oman ? I heard it’s simpler than in India.

    3. One of my friend has Hepatitis B but virus load (Quantity) is very very low. Doctors in India say It is no doing any harm to him nor it can be transmitted to anybody from him not even to his wife. In this case will he be fit for unfit? He can give Doctor certificate mentioning above things.


    1. It depends on visa but It is better to do Medical in India only so Medical centre can provide fitness certificate and also they will update it online in GAMCA Website so In Oman they can check the details of Medical report.
      Coming to your second query, I think It would be very easy to do Medical test in India only because here in Oman you need to travel a lot but now in India you can take an online appointment and can directly go to the Medical centre.
      For third query I would suggest that please tell your friend to do Medical in India only..
      I hope all will fine, Best of luck and Please provide us guidance also once you have done Medical!!

  55. Hello sir, I went to gamca medical test in Chennai. They declared unfit After blood report , they told that ‘ It is the border ‘ What did they mean? Is it about the haemoglobin? Kindly reply me sir.

  56. Hello sir, I have got job offer from Saudi 2 months back. So I have done medical test and the results are fit. But Saudi company cancelled my visa since the job is on hold. The medical results expires on March 9,2019…I have got another job offer from kuwait and they asked me to do medical test. When should I do a medical test for kuwait? After the previous result expires or? What is the procedure.

    1. Try to take new appointment if it is showing passport exists then you need take an appointment after 9 march only.
      Thanks and please let me know what happens..

      1. Thanks for the Reply. I tried taking appointment. It is showing that passport already exists. Are you sure I can take after March 9,2019

  57. Hello author, I really appreciate your support in resolving queries of many people.

    I have got my teeth removed and my BMI is overweight. Does these two problems can make any issue?

  58. I have registered for medicals and got a slip which is valid till 6th Mar. My doubts are:

    1. Should I take separate appointment from the medical center allotted?
    2. If not when is the reporting time at Medical center?
    3. How long will it take for completion of the medical check up procedure?

    1. Thanks for comment, You have already taken an appointment so now you can directly go to the Medical centre before expiry date of the slip.
      Coming to second query, I would suggest you to go early to the Medical centre may be around 9 AM and it would take around an hour to complete Medical.

  59. I have a GAMCA slip showing expiry of 15th February 2019. Unfortunately, i could not get the test done, i tried registering on Gamca again to get a new slip, it said passport already exists, will i be able to re register tomorrow?

  60. Hi sir,

    I got appointment in a medical center . But the reviews are very very worst for that medical center. So is it possible to change the medical center?

  61. Hi,

    I have made the payment and booked the appointment, however slip is not generated yet.

    I tried making payment first it showed payment fail , then tried again and payment successful however later statement is showing that payment is deducted twice and slip has still not been generated.

  62. Sir iam before working in kuwait. Iam company changing that’s Iam doing kuwait visa medical. Medical center is putting unfit. Medical center peoples told you will 6 month after medical. Because X-ray is unfit. Because lung side small dot dot scares. After Iam attend one shutdown job qatar. Interview selected.i told client this issues.But client and travels peoples u you medicaly fit. Why you take tension.After Iam gamca medical standards medical attend in private center. 3500 medical charge. Medical fit. After visa visa processing or not sir. Because my gamca medical unfit.please tell me sir

      1. Ok sir. My GAMCA medical unit. Validity 8.7.19. this results shared GCC network. How to come shut down visa. I totally confused sir.

  63. I have done my medicle checkup at gamca medicle center but they said u have problem in xray but when i check my xray at private center they said there is no broblem in why the gamca medicle center said u have problem i had 3 xray with gamca center

    1. Ask them to not update status in online system and show them private report indicating that you are fit, if they agree then you can book new appointment.

  64. Sir i teast 3 time from.gemca centr.
    I hv hcv 1.29 they told me i m.unfit.but my still pending not online .can u tell me plzz how much they except hcv reschu.

  65. HI.
    I have filled the appointment form and entered the indian credit card details and paid on yesterday 23/02/2019.but the end of the process an error message came up but the money is debited from my account. Also no appointment slip is found under “GCC print slip” tab. Please advise from your experience.

  66. My medical status showing FIT on gamca site . But Dr not giving me hard copy(report) . Saying for re-checking . I d’nt know what is the meaning of health result. Once medical have uploaded FIT why not giving report.
    I am talking about Gulf medical centre ‘Delhi


  67. Dear Sir

    I completed my medical test in private hospital – HIV Elisa test and test result was Negative (Non-Recative) but index value is coming 0.63 doctor say its normal and its variable. And no medicine for this because you are normal.

    Please suggest me this value will matter during gamca test as i have checked in rule and regulation written was HIV should be Non reactive.
    Please suggest about this issue medical centre can problem.


  68. Dear Sir’

    As i heared that if during elisa test hiv index value is above 0.5 in that case medical centre hold the result.
    As per doctor in private hospital less then 1 is normal no medicine because it is normal.
    Sir’ is this right they can hold to a Negative (HIV Non recative).
    Sir is you have heard such case which is on hold.


  69. SIR,

    Online Health result showing FIT on GAMCA website from 12 Jan/2019 after medical check up and validity upto 11 Apr/2019′
    But now till date medical centre not provide me hard copy (Report).
    They are not taking seriously always saying revisit and when i try to ask they are not giving any information on this matter.

    Pls suggest now what can i do.


  70. I ve taken an appointment today in chennai for kuwait medical date of birth is 9th of july 1987, but the slip is generated with dob – 07/09/1987 instead of 09/07/1987. i need to change my date of birth. I hav already paid & the medical centre is also displayed in the gamca website aaginst my passport number. do i have to rebook an appointment with correct dob? As 09/07/1987? Or can i correct it in the medical center requesting them!

  71. Dear sir my gamca unfit result is online and result validity is 20 march 2019
    So my result will remove automatically on 21 march or I have to contact gamca for result to be removed?
    I had little scare on my X-ray

  72. Dear, I need to book GAMCA medical appointment for my family. And system allowing only one person for registration at a time. If i book appointment individually for 3 dependents then medical center will get differently by system. So, is it possible to book all 3 dependents (wife +2 kids) at one time??

  73. I have done Gamca online registration in phillipines for Oman . I am an Indian. But her clinics are teller get that they don’t entertain online candidates anymore as per government advisory.
    Please let me know how I can delete this registration to refile or do another registration in India for gamca medical.
    As per current registration it’s showing validity till 1 st April 2019.
    Arun singh

  74. Hi dear,
    My passport expiry date is 15 aug but in appointment slip it is showing 16 aug.
    How to get it rectified.
    How to contact gamca?
    They will rectify it?

  75. hi my brother has been offered job from Oman. They need Medical Certificate refered as GAMCA. Kindly let me know the procedure and total fees breakup.

  76. Hello Admin,
    Yesterday I went to S S MEDICAL CENTER(AHMEDABAD) (Already I had bad reviews for it) for Kuwait tests. They told after test that I am unfit due to X Ray. ( Their Written comment was “SOFT OPACITY SEEN IN RIGHT LOWER ZONE” which means there is Layer of cough ).
    They told that there are two options.
    1. They will stamp UNFIT and send it to Kuwait embassy which rejects my Visa and employment.
    2. They will return my Visa to me unstampped after 21 days from test (yesterday) and I can take new slip and go for new tests in some other city.

    I opted for 2ND Option as I have validity in my Visa and I will go for check up of my issue of cough and again I will go for another test in Mumbai.

  77. Dear Admin,

    Please let me know, I did GAMGA Test, doctor told, x- Ray showing scars, at the same time I did x-ray test from another GAMGA Center, it shows different area of scars, completely different area compare to first test, have doubts on test.

    Same time, I performed CT scan test, no scars, no abnormalities detected, everything was good,

    please tell me what to do, after the expiration of validity of the report, can I perform the test and able to go gulf countries.

    1. Dear syed
      If your report is online
      You have to wait for six months
      If not you can go for re medical after 14 days

  78. Hello admin,

    I have completed my medical checkup before 3 months and online medical health statusshowing FIT. but i d,nt know why medical center did not provide me my health report hard copy,

    Now as i am seeing online (gamca lmra)medical Result is FIT and validity showing in RED(expire) on date 12/04/19.

    Plz suggest me now can i apply for re – medical.


  79. sir it’s showing payment successful. Money debited from account but pay slip not generated. what is problem . any issue with gamca website or other plz answer .

  80. kalpesh bhatti

    I have done registration and payment done successfully buy medical slip is not generated passport no. Is SS4432075 and nationality is indian

  81. money debited. but unable to print slip


  82. Hi, i am trying from 25th April to pay from my Malaysia credits cards, used 2 different banks, still payment failing. Used Indian Credit card then also failing. I emailed gulf health council, however could not get the response.
    Error message it gives is, Transaction blocked by fraud check.
    Please advise on How to proceed now? Any one have similar issues? how to resolve?

  83. Ok..Any one of this forum doing fresh registration and facing the issue of transection failure due to fraud check? And if yes
    What is the solution adopted?

  84. Dear all, who are facing to print slip even after payment. Kindly note I printed successfully after repayment. I did repayment through International Credit Card.
    For return of money for first payment (Non printing), You may contact ‘[email protected]’. After 2/3 mail, they promise me they will return the money.

  85. They are not responding in mails and calls also.. do anyone know the extension number for the GCCHMC +966 920020885

  86. Dear Sender
    We will get back to you shortly and please don’t pay again until then.
    This process may take up to 24 – 48 hours.

    just now reply me above txt.

    1. For them Friday and Saturday are holidays. today is working day. so that’s why they replied now. hope we will get the solution

  87. While taking an appointment for medical to go Kuwait, I selected Saudiarabia instead of Kuwait.
    How to get the correction in the issued appointment card?
    How to correct it?

  88. Does address proof required for medical test. By Mistake I got medical center in chennai but I want in bangalore. Is there any way to change or should I go chennai and get the medical done. Will there be any problem If i do my medical test in chennai.

    1. Dear rajnish
      You can not change medical center now
      So you have to go chennai for medical test
      No issue

  89. Hello sir ..
    I paid twice for inline registration ..but both the times shows ..sorry no record exists..
    How can u get the money back ..and why it shows “no record exists..

    1. Dear Wahed

      You have to wait 21 days for this gamca appointment to expire

      Once expired you can take new appointment

  90. I make payment by debit card for appointment but its show failed i did 3 time …. i mail them my passport no. And Nationality.yesterday on [email protected] but still not get reply
    What i have to do now
    Please guide me if any one knw

  91. Mohammed Wahed Ali Khan

    Hello Sir,
    After rebooking the appointment, are we going to get the same medical centre or it is based on the random selection of the computer. Plz answer.

  92. Sathesh Kumar C

    Yesterday I was paid through credit card and transaction successful but however Gcc slip generation no records available showing how to deal with this

  93. hello sir before yesterday I was paid through debit card and transaction successfully but gcc slip generation no records available showing please advice


    1. me too? any update? I’ve been waiting for a week and the slip still no generated. Already contact their email tho, but still waiting.


  96. Hellow.. im trying to pay from my credit card (Kuwait based) but the payment is not going through.. it gives an error 10785. TRANSACTION BLOCKED BY FRAUD CHECK. I tried 2 different cards but same. I checked with my bank and they said there is nothing wrong with the card check the website.
    So can u help me in this regard??

  97. Transaction Date 19/07/2019 payment was successful,but Appointment Slip was not generated after sending them email no response from them

  98. I have to book an appointment for kuwait but the payment fails again and again. I am paying through debit and credit both card. What to do now

  99. Hello, i still can not generate the Gamaca Slip since one week and i have to finish all needed for my wife’s Visa to oman as soon as possible! Please help. Walid Gamal 00201007272027.
    The request is for my wife, Noha Hussein Ali.

  100. I have done GAMCA medical and they declared unfit due to X ray . But they told me to repeat X ray and also they told in repeat X ray if I fail they will upload the result in GAMCA. What should I do . My Private Dr who is MD told me there is no problem with me. Can I get the new slip generated with different medical centre before they upload the result in GAMCA website .

    Any how I need to clear medical from anywhere by any means . Please advise

    1. Dear Shetan
      If you don’t go for X-ray they will declare you unfit
      I suggest you to go there and show them your doctor report that you are fit

  101. Dear Sir, I have booked and paid for two medical appointment, After fee deduction from credit card they still shows no data found when I am trying to get appointment slip. I have done these transaction 4 days ago still can’t print my appointment slip.please help…

  102. Name Jasvir Singh, Indian Passport No L6575175,PAID FEE 4 Days ago on 25/07/2019, Still shows no record found…Can you help???

  103. Tried to pay More than 14 time through my visa cards. It failed. Very bad system they have designed.

  104. Today in the morning I have book a appointment for GCC medical. Payment made successful but GCC slip print not available. It’s showing data error. I have mailed at [email protected].

    Help me what should I do now.

  105. Hi bro as per your guidance I am following and I am getting new appointment and done my medical is fit my profession is project manager and I am submitting my degree certificate how long it take from my visa bro please let me know urgent

    1. Congrats!! Have you got unfit in first attempt? Please explain in detail so our readers can understand..for which country are you planning?

  106. I have done my GAMCA test and just because my sgot and sgpt levels are high so they have given me as unfit report i did the test again at some other pathology lab and there it is showing normal.I have already received my offer letter from qatar airways and i already informed the HR of qatar airways so they are saying they want the fit report but now the expiry of the slip is showing after 6 months

    Can i do the GAMCA test in 3 months…Plz suggest

    1. In between try to take new appointment and please read previous comments it might help you because many applicants have unfit report in first attempt.

  107. Dear Zaman

    I can understand your problem that you got unfit result from gamca
    And I am afraid that you can not go for gamca for 6 months because your report is online
    So you have to wait for six months
    No other way
    I am sorry brother

  108. Medical issued of Kuwait but visa is not issued and my candidate has got a new offer from Oman and its very urgent employment, The medical is still valid till 20days. How should I change the location?

  109. I tried to make payment yesterday and today. It went to visa verification and then I got message: Failed! Error code:10785 Error Message: Transaction blocked by fraud check.

  110. Yes with visa credit card. I even called my bank after many unsuccessful attempts. No blockage by the bank at all. The card is good.

  111. Hello sir,

    By mistake I take appointment in Kerala instead of kolkata. is there any process to change medical centre.pls guide me.

  112. Hi sanjeev ,I have same problem from centre,,have you done it ,did u changed city or ,,or you if you register Mumbai again then have you got a new Centre or same one

  113. Hi sir ,,I have a essu about medical center in mumbai ,,they are not sure about my x ray problem,,they asked me re x ray ,I did ,,then they cal .e to meet ,,when I visit Centre they asked me for city scene,,I already make a x ray from other gamca centr just to know about my problem but I’m fit ,,
    When I asked them I got fit from other Centre,,they replies we don’t accept other reports,,
    They didn’t update my medical unfit report online yet ,,I am waiting for my next appointment,,is it possibl to get a new other medical center in same city ,or should I change the city ,,I don’t want to go the same Centre again ,,I see this Centre review on Google,,all are negative reviews,,please suggest me

  114. I already had my medical tests for traveling to Kuwait and I’m fit but unfortunately I will not travel to Kuwait instead I will travel to Saudi Arabia . my medical report still valid for another month . I tried to take another appointment now but this message appears to me “this passport No. already exists” . what can I do?

  115. I am UNFIT in my first medical because of xray and my GAMCA slip expired yesterday. Now Im trying to book another one and it shows passport already exists. Please help me how to do the new appointment?

  116. hello i am adil from pakistan i am unfit due to xray finding and i can not apply for medical. can my medical is delete from gamca side plz tell me how i can delete record

    1. If they have updated your status in gamca website then you can apply after 6 months only but please confirm with your last centre also.

  117. Dear Sir,
    I generated gamca slip, but unfortunately passport number mentioned wrong, kindly advise me how to correct them my passport number.



  118. Hi,
    Can u guide me whether GAMCA clearance is required for kids for the purpose of family Visa for Oman. My kid is of 8 completed years if age.

    1. No need for Infant..
      But please confirm because it was not necessary last month for infant visa but in case of children they might need vaccine from Gamca but better consult office in Oman and ask them because rules keep changing.

  119. Sir i had given gamca medical 10 days ago and declared unfit but when i check online there is no record in the gamca website.. So can i get another appointment or would i have to wait 3 to 6 months..
    And the second question is that in case my record gets uploaded in gamca as unfit, can i go on saudi visit and get the iqama since my company has setting with the medical authority in saudi..

    1. It takes time to upload the result but if they have not uploaded then its good for you so please try to take another appointment.
      what was the cause of unfit?

  120. Hi,

    I have generated Gamca slip, but I have selected the wrong city, 15 Nov was the expiry for the slip, waited till the expiry and tried to get new appointment but it is showing “in progress” status. Contacted the medical center, after checking with the passport number they told the slip is valid till 29 Nov and this is due to some system/application/website updation.

    # is there any option to cancel the appointment and take a new appointment with the correct city

    # whether the medical center can hold or extend dates for medical

    Please advise

  121. Sir I have taken GAMCA appointment and I received slip also. But by mistake in passport number column I wrote passport number correct but
    I gave a space between word & number like .
    J4673423 To. J 4673423

  122. Hi my agent made my GAMCA slip and submitted to gamca medical centre and i done my medical and report is fit but i want to do gamca for uae and agent selected saudi arabia on slip now on this condition what i have to do to keep uae gamca report. please advise.

  123. kabir Khan monna

    Hello sir.
    My name is Ayesha
    My Gamca slip valid till 23/12/2019. From medical center give me some medicine for SGPT . Doctor said it will take time more than 25 days.
    If it’s expire before my treatment success than when I have to take appiappoint ?
    Can I take appointment on January month ?

    1. I would suggest you to visit same medical centre where you have done medical and ask them.
      Coming to your second query, you can take another appointment after expiry of previous one.

  124. Hi Sir,

    I did my medical checkup on 16 December, my slip is valid till 1 January 2020(today). Dr was saying in my chest x-ray there is opacity at right side, but he didn’t uploaded report online. He told me to book another appointment.

    I checked with punomologists from my city they are saying there is nothing in x-ray & everything is fine.

    I need to travel earliest, can I book new appointment early morning of 2nd January ( after 12 am)? And go on same day.

    Is there any chance I will clear it this time if there is different center.

    1. Please take an appointment and next day you can go for medical, If you have report from Pulmonologist then please keep with you.
      I hope everything will be fine and please update us once you finish medical.

  125. Hi, have taken appointment and undergone the tests. However, doctor suggested to revisit within a week with some medical reports. My query is if iam unable to visit the center before the timeline, will the center upload the reports? And can i take fresh appointment in such case? Please advice

  126. Hi Author, I really appreciate your efforts. IamI suffering from cold andacough. Can you please advise if I can go for medical now or have to wait till I feel better. Will there be any problem in mymy X-r report because of cold and cough. Please advise.

  127. Hello Author,
    I have booked my appointment on 08 Jan in Mumbai but I wanted to book in New Delhi. How long do I have to wait to rebook my appointment, Or is there any other way that I can change my centre.
    I have also told by an office that you can rebook after 7 days but I am not able to do so.
    Thanks and Regards.

  128. Sir…I have done gamca medical test for Saudi…and I am fit….now due to some reason I don’t want to go Saudi…..I want to go Bahrain….how the country can change …..should I go for another medical after 3 months…or I have any other option….I have no time…it’s urgent to go Bahrain…plzz help sir