How to Book Online GAMCA/GCC Medical Test Appointment


Got a job offer from a GCC country? If or want to bring your Spouse to GCC country and want to perform a GAMCA Medical test then don’t worry you are on the right website.

Here I will explain how to book an online Gamca appointment for the GCC Medical test, also known as GAMCA Medical Check Up

The good news is that GULF HEALTH COUNCIL has closed GAMCA offices in India so now you can book an online appointment.

It’s very easy process as before it was very tedious work because had to go early morning to the GAMCA centres and stand in long queue and take the appointment then go to the medical centre for the test.

If you want know more about Gamca then please read another detailed post on gamca-

Now you can take an Online appointments and can go directly to the Medical centre and do the medical tests.

Gamca- How to book.

Follow the Steps-

Here I will explain to you step by step how to book the appointment for the medical test, Make sure that you have a good internet connection and credit card to make the payment.

Go to the internet browser and search GCC Medical or GAMCA as shown in the picture then click on website.

On the homepage of the website, you can see the option “ Book your appointment “
Click on this option.

Then this would open the form to register for the test as shown in the picture, fill this form carefully then click on submit.

The next step is to make payment and check your details carefully again. You need to pay 10$ for this appointment, make sure that you have a Credit card to make payment, Then click on pay then make payment.

Once the payment is successful then again open the same website, you can see the print GCC Slip option on the menu then click on this menu as shown in the picture.

then it would open into the following page, and fill in the detail.

Enter your Passport number and nationality and click on Generate, this would generate a GCC online slip with all details such as the candidate’s information and the address of Medical test centre as shown in the picture.

Print 2,3 copies of this slip and go directly to the medical centre with original passport and photographs.

This should be kept in mind that Each GCC Countries have different specifications for photographers so please take photos according to that requirements.

At the Medical test centre, you can make payment by card or by cash, in my case they have accepted cash payment so it’s better to keep cash also.

Thanks, if you have any queries, you can ask me in the comment section.

Gamca Slip not generated-

I got many comments that after making a payment slip is not generated.

After reviewing and checking many comments, I would suggest that after making a payment please wait for 2,3 days then check again I hope your slip will be ready.

In some cases, I have seen that it would take more than 4,5 days to generate a slip so please do not worry and do not make the payment again.

503 thoughts on “How to Book Online GAMCA/GCC Medical Test Appointment”

  1. Hi Sir,

    I did my medical checkup on 16 December, my slip is valid till 1 January 2020(today). Dr was saying in my chest x-ray there is opacity at right side, but he didn’t uploaded report online. He told me to book another appointment.

    I checked with punomologists from my city they are saying there is nothing in x-ray & everything is fine.

    I need to travel earliest, can I book new appointment early morning of 2nd January ( after 12 am)? And go on same day.

    Is there any chance I will clear it this time if there is different center.

    1. Please take an appointment and next day you can go for medical, If you have report from Pulmonologist then please keep with you.
      I hope everything will be fine and please update us once you finish medical.

      1. Dear sir,
        My GAMCA slip was issued on 19 Apr and it is valid till 19 may .Amid of sharp rise on Covid 19 virus , State government bans movement to and fro to west Bengal. Only some conditional permit was granted,which I am unable to meet. I would want to know Is it can be issued again?
        I have already paid?
        My GAMCA medical process was in Fulcrum health services at Kolkata,the phone number provided in GAMCA slip is not valid number n no response from them when I contact with the mail Id provided.
        So please suggest what can I do in this challenging time.

        1. Akash Chakraboarty

          You could have asked for an e-pass from Kolkata Police. Anyways, i have a problem too and would be grateful if you can help me out. I need to book an appointment in the shortest time possible but after trying repeatedly, my payment is getting failed. I tried multiple credit cards. Can you please help me out why it’s happening?

  2. Hi, have taken appointment and undergone the tests. However, doctor suggested to revisit within a week with some medical reports. My query is if iam unable to visit the center before the timeline, will the center upload the reports? And can i take fresh appointment in such case? Please advice

  3. Hi Author, I really appreciate your efforts. IamI suffering from cold andacough. Can you please advise if I can go for medical now or have to wait till I feel better. Will there be any problem in mymy X-r report because of cold and cough. Please advise.

  4. Hello Author,
    I have booked my appointment on 08 Jan in Mumbai but I wanted to book in New Delhi. How long do I have to wait to rebook my appointment, Or is there any other way that I can change my centre.
    I have also told by an office that you can rebook after 7 days but I am not able to do so.
    Thanks and Regards.

  5. Sir…I have done gamca medical test for Saudi…and I am fit….now due to some reason I don’t want to go Saudi…..I want to go Bahrain….how the country can change …..should I go for another medical after 3 months…or I have any other option….I have no time…it’s urgent to go Bahrain…plzz help sir

      1. I did my last appointment on 3rd January….so can I take new appointment for Bahrain on 25 January??? Or I have to wait 3 months for the expiry of that report???

  6. Hi, I went for GAMCA test in my place, I was fit in all but I am partially color blind the GAMCA center rejected me saying I am not fit for Kuwait my position is HSE and not driver so after rejection GAMCA center person gave me my visa and said he won’t upload it and suggested me to book other center and pass the test. 16 days more to finish 21 days and kindly advice what to do and how can I book other center from same place or shall I change location to go for new center.. In my place I inquired in other GAMCA center they said if I am not driver they will pass me without any headache and they invited for GAMCA test. How shall I book other center.

  7. Hi Author,

    It’s really a wonderful job u r doing here. I was completely unaware about the GAMCA thing! My agent told me to visit the centers and go through the process. All of them were charging 1000 rupees. Your website has given me enough knowledge about it.

    Thanks a million.

      1. Hello sir,
        I want to book Gamca appointment for oman. I have two questions please reply.
        1) I don’t have credit card but i have axis bank and IOB bank debit card atm. Is it possible to make payment through these cards?
        2) I belong to from UP. Is there any issue to do gamca in another state because presently i working surat.
        Please guide me as soon possible.

  8. Hi Author, appreciate your efforts for solving people queries. I have done Gamca medical test and was declared unfit by the medical centre due to scar’s in chest X-ray. But medical centre told me to book new appointment after my appointment slip expires. I booked appointment on 4jan and slip validity v showing expires on 25th Jan. But when I tried to rebook the appointment on 26th Jan my slip is showing still valid till 4th Feb. Please advise how can I book new appointment now.


    1. I would suggest you to keep trying and please consult a chest physician and make sure that you are fit because nowadays Gamca rejecting the applicants due to unnecessary causes.

  9. i have a ABLdebit card paypal
    when i fill all the requirement and make payment
    then this massage appear
    (failed to process your payment. try again later please)
    so how can i fix my atm card for online payments
    i already online my atm card

  10. Hi Author, I have already consulted pulmonologist in Yashoda hospital near my place and had chest x-ray. After seeing the X-ray report Doctor told me everything is fine and did not prescribed any medicine. Since 2008 Iam in Saudi and Qatar. Just 3 months before I came back from Qatar. This is the 8th time Iam appearing for Gamca medical since 2008 I have already informed everyting to the medical centre but they are not ready to listen. I don’t understand on what basis they are declaring unfit to the candidates. Is there any option where I can go and file complaint against the medical centre. Please advise.

    1. Tell them not to update the result online so you can take new appointment after the expiry of previous slip.
      It is really sad but I do not see any ways to file a complaint against them except a mail.

  11. please tell me can we pay with debit cards???? cuz i dont have a credit card i have only a debit card, let me know whethr i can use a Sri Lankan Debit card tp pay this

  12. Parthipan Gurusamy

    Hi sir

    I done my gamca for Qatar on jan 6th 2020,but now I need to do gamca for oman, when I make for appointment it shows that I can book my appointment only after 3 months after previous result. So what to do ,can you please suggest?

  13. Hi Sir,

    I have attended my medical on Feb 24 and they kept my medicals pending and asked me to book fresh appoint after expiry of previous appointment which is 13/03/2020. Today (18/03/2020) I was trying to book fresh appointment but I am getting error ‘can’t book new appointment until previous appointment is in progress and not expired’. Kindly help me to book new appointment. Thanks Much

  14. Peddireddi sivakumar.

    Hi sir
    This is peddireddi sivakumar under went Gamca medical for Bahrain and results is Fit.
    Since lockdown I could not able to receive medical reports those requested by employer to visa process
    How can I down load medical diagnostic reports from website please

  15. Credit card ma konsa card hu na chahiye visa union ya paypal jo slip generate kr dy aur na generate hu to kiya krn chahiye

  16. My baby is 2 and half years old we are going saudia on family visa
    Plz tell me any medical is required for my baby or not

  17. Syed Faizan Ali Shah

    Dear Author,
    I want to get my favorite test centre appointment slip, is there any way?… If yes, kindly tell me.
    I will be very thankful to you..

  18. Jaikishan Laxman Ramchandani

    Any one here, who had tested unfit at first attempt and then gave a test again at different center and was declared fit, please help me. The medical center had said that i have a scar , however i haven’t had TB anytime. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  19. I have paid the money for medical appointment registration, but my gcc slip not generated. how long it will take. please advise. My passport number is N4945579 and name is Balaji


          1. Akash Chakraboarty

            I want to book an appointment for Gamca but they are not accepting the payment. I tried with a multiple number of credit cards but it’s getting failed with every attempt. Can you please help me out? I want to book an appointment in Kolkata.

  21. I am trying to get appointment from last 2 days, but site is very slow and displaying message as”502 bad gateway”. Any other offline way to get the slip.

  22. Dear Sir
    Good morning
    GCC slip no is 10804202124711882
    I book the appointment on 08/04/21 i got the medical centre name Al amal dignostic centre kurla and since 2 days i was trying to calling them no one is answering even i sent them email but no one replied by email also
    I am staying in ulhasnagar so is it possible can i change the medical centre name
    Pls advise

    1. I visited personally on Saturday but it was close I want to know which days they are open medical center name is Al amal I centre kurla west

  23. Hi,
    Position in GAMCA medical report is ENGINEER.
    There is only ENGINEER option in the position GAMCA I selected ENGINEER option.

    But in my offer letter,Position is HVDC ENGINEER.
    Is it ok or is it required to change the position name???

  24. Hello sir my bro give a medical for qatar but last year medical was unfit due to chest X ray. After that i consult with pulmonologist but he said that my bro is ok there is no disease condition but still there is some chilhood scars in X ray due to allergy or pnemonia. Now my bro again want to go qatar so what you suggest please guide me about this matter.

  25. I want to pay the slip payment by looking at the center where the slip will come before giving the Gamca Medical Slip payment. Please help.

  26. dose not respond with payment method !! Always gives FAILD TO PROCESS YOUR PAYMENT, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER .. Over 10 time I’m trying,. it is not accepting paymet!

  27. Hi, appreciate your help.
    Is eye test really a deciding factor in GAMCA for an engineer visa. Can I be declared “unfit” based on the eye test. (no color blindness, but have distant vision issue)

  28. Sir,

    During chest x ray showing one small white dot and they said unfit. Did ct and doctor said this from old tb in my childhood and it’s inactive but not possible to remove scar.

    Gamca medical center said, if dot is visible not possible fot fit report.

    Please advice how to solve this issue and make gamca medical fit.

    Thanks and regards

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