How to Attest Saudi Arabian Issued Experience Certificate.

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Saudi Arabian Documents Attestation-

Hello, welcome to my website, I hope you are enjoying your living if you are working in Saudi Arabia and want to go to your home country on final exit or looking for a job in another GCC country then first step you should do is to take an experience certificate from your employer, because this is the most important document which you need for further employment if you want to go another country or want to use it in your home country so keep in Mind

How to Attest-                                                                                                                                                                                here I will explain you how to attest this Saudi issued document and make it legalized in your home country and other GCC countries .

The first step is to take the experience certificate from your company, mostly they will issue experience certificate in Arabic only, make sure that it is on official company paper with the detail of your designation, employment duration etc. If you can’t read Arabic just ask any of your friend who knows it.

Do Not Laminate the Document-                                                                                                                                   Here I want to mention one thing that most people do mistake by laminating the documents, don’t laminate it even on front side also, I did this mistake I had suffered a lot to remove this lamination.      

Chamber Of commerce-                                                                                                                                                     The next step is to attest this Document from the Chamber of Commerce Saudi Arabia, for doing this I will suggest that you should tell Saudi Citizen to do all this process on the behalf of you if not possible then try to convince your company if they don’t also agree then do it yourself. When you go to the Chamber of Commerce office, take your original passport, residence permit, other documents, and cash, before they were charging 25 rials for this Attestation.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs-
The next step is to attest this Document from the , Saudi Arabia, both of Chamber of Commerce and ministry of foreign Affairs will put the stamp on the front page of experience Certificate so don’t laminate your documents.

Documents Translation-
The next step is to translate experience certificate into English because most of the Saudi companies issues experience certificate in Arabic so you need to translate it from the registered agent into English.

Embassy Attestation Home Country-                                                                                                                                         Then you need to go to your embassy where you need to submit original experience certificate with translated copy , your passport copy and residential permit copy , embassy will stamp it with An authentication stamp, now you can use this experience certificate in your country and all over the world.

one thing I want to mention here that most of the expatriates may not be residing in Saudi Arabia right now to do all this process or they might have forgotten to do all this process but don’t worry your friend or company can do this process, just you need to submit your all documents, but for submitting it into your country embassy as in my case my friend submitted it into an Indian embassy, you need to give them your letter of authority with your Saudi residential permit and Passport copy so your friend can do all this process on behalf of you, if you any query then you can ask me in the comment section.


39 thoughts on “How to Attest Saudi Arabian Issued Experience Certificate.”

  1. Will the chamber of commerce and industry attest salary certificate which is in English letter and am workig for moh in ksa in riyadh ?

    1. I think they will because you are working under MOH but please confirm and even I heard that MOH employees are exempted from many rules so please ask someone who is working in your organisation and once you have done let me know.

  2. Ok sure . Just tensed as i had never been there and i hope it dosent take long to get attested in chamber of commerce and industry.nobody in my organization knows about it that a big problem but since its my original document in english i hope they do it soon

    1. Do not worry it is very easy process but I would suggest you to translate your documents in to Arabic and then go to chamber of commerce and if possible ask HR to do this all process and please do not laminate documents.

  3. Thankyou i have taken orginal arabic and english Salary certificate here we have to do it all by ourself. I would have to visit chamber of commerce and industry get attested then go to vfs um al hamam for final attestion . Do you have any idea what documents may be required in chamber of commerce otherthan orginal salary certificate ?

  4. Luuraj A. Odinvorp

    Hello. I would like to ask if it is our right as an employee to get our COE and be stamped in chamber of commerce? I heard my employer is not allowing us to get our COE and be stamped in the Chamber. He has the right to refuse my request as an employee? What will I do if I wanted to do it myself because I really need this document.

    1. I would suggest you to convince your employer about this by stating your conditions because other ways are not good even thought it is your right.

  5. Hi i would like to relate my experience for salary attestation for moh related people who may need it

    First of all get urself an experienced driver who could take you to ministry of forgein affairs and VFS global .Riyadh
    For your 1st attestion of salary certificate (can be english not required arabic translation if you have the original certificate) there you will have to pay and get a payment slip either by online (there is a board which will guide you to do online transaction by sadad and might cost you 30 riyal (not sure) as for me i did by paying 50 riyal to the office outside the MOFA where they provide payment slip for those who dont have online access ,get the slip go to any counter show the slip along with your resident Id and get it attested.

    Next step go to VFS global for Indian citizens salary attestation.Take ur attested orginal certificate from Mofa get a copy of it along with your passport and iqama copy. Go to the attestation counter tell your needs, they will go through your documents and will give you a slip and ask you to pay in the billing counter. It costed me 63 riyal then come and collect your document which will be attested in no time.

    Hope it could be useful for anyone who may attestion.

  6. Dear I worked in Saudi Arabia and I have got experience certificate from the comoanci worked now I am in India but want to attest my experience certificate to move into another GCC country .I don’t have contact in Saudi Arabia as of now. Is there any agent in India who can do this process for me?

  7. I have an experience certificate issued by ministry of health ,KSA.It was issued in the year 2015 when I left my job.Currently I am working in UAE and needs my experience certificate to be attested for UAE embassy.I have not done any attestations from Saudi.How can I get this done as it is very urgent.

    1. First, you need to attest this certificate from Saudi authorities and then from the Indian embassy so I would suggest you to contact someone in Saudi Arabia to do all process, or please contact VFS attestation so they might help, I think they have office in UAE.
      Thanks for contacting, for more information please read previous comments.

  8. Hi good day, im working as batch plant operator here at yanbu, ksa, im going to final exit this coming april 2019, my question what requirement do i need to bring when im going to attest my employment/experience certificate?
    thanks in advance

  9. i need to do my experience certificte attestation that i got from ministry of health so what about chamber of it needed again or can i go to mofa office directly…is there any application to fill up forthat.what about the payment for thatpls reply for me….???

  10. Armelyn Benitez

    Hi, i left riyadh november 2018 and i had no time back then to stamp my certificate of employment in (COE) to the chamber of commerce. Now i am
    Applying in UAE and my agency here in the Philippines asked my employment certificate to stamp in chamber of commerce. I sent my COE to my friend who is currently in riyadh, when he went to chamber of commerce, an officer said, they cant stamp because my iqama has been expired. What should i do? Thank you

  11. Sir please let me know how i can get chamber of commerce stamp on my employment letter.

    As well i want to know you yesterday i did check riyadh chamber they told me come to online.

    now i did check,but i did not find how i can attest my documents kindly let me know how i can take chamber of commerce stamp.

    Thanks a lot……..

    1. As I have explained it was the same process but if any changes happened then please visit chamber of commerce and confirm it.

  12. Hi i worked in saudi for 2 yrs, currently i am not in saudi but my relative can process for me. I have my COE with stamp of chamber of commerce. As what i have read on your instruction the next step is Ministry of Foriegn Affairs in Saudi? Then whats next? Anyway my COE was english and no arabic translation.

  13. Thankyou for your explanation…i still have some doubts about this…is it necessary to do chamber of commerce stamp, mofa attestation and embassy attestation for the certificate that is issued from ministry of health,KSA??The certificate they issued in english and arabic in the same certificate,then also need attestation from indian embassy?is it not enough,if i’m doing MOFA and chamber of commerce??I’m trying to go to UAE directly,so they need these artestation from indian embassy,mofa??if not done means my certificate is not valid??
    Is it compulsory to do attestation from 3 offices(chamber of commerce,Mofa,indian embassy)is it not same mofa and chamber of commerce??
    I hope you will clear all my doubts…Because previous staff went exit they didn’t done any of these,so i have no idea…kindly consider my doubts…Thankyou in advance

  14. Sir I have given final exit ,but still my embassy work is pending because of lockdown, I want to go my home country India, is it possible to do attestation and mofa from India through online

  15. Hello. I would like to ask as I am going for final exit. I am working under Ministry of Health and do I need attestation of my coe from both chamber of commerce and ministry of foreign affairs? Last year 2019 I was also working under MOH and my coe was only stamp from MOFA and accordingly no need for chamber of commerce as I am working in government.

  16. Green Apple Guillergan

    Hello ceshi, you did the attestation for your Coe in mofa? As far as i know chamber of commerce is attesting documents if from private sector.

  17. I’m leaving Saudi Arabia is Iqama only needed or passport is necessary how many stamp they put .,only on experience certificate or other proof of employment also

    1. Hi I’m Rohith from India currently working in Saudi Arabia at BISHA City as a Personal / House Driver as my contract is about to finish next I’m planning to migrate to Canada but for the Canada visa process I need 2 documents from Saudi 1. Saudi PCC & 2. Saudi Driving Experience Letter.

      Regarding Saudi PCC I heard it’s a lengthy process but I’m not sure how to get it, can you please suggest me any agency or anyother way to get this process done before i leave Saudi Arabia because for Canadian visa these 2 documents are mandatory

  18. Hi sir i ask question i m working in saudi as a truck driver i want to experince certificate bt i m working under a saudi person (kfeel) he has only one truck does nt has any company bt my visa and licence heavy driver i asked him for certificate bt he said does has letter pad nd camber of commerce he said my visa is type of (nakhal kafala) i dnt under stand bt i need certifice plz solve my problm

  19. Hi there,

    For clarification and confirmation. I will use the attested COE in qatar. Do I need to bring the attested copy in Qatar Embassy in Riyadh before I can use it in Qatar?

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