How to Apply for QATAR Family Visa.

Qatar family visa

QATAR is an Arab gulf country with total population 2.6 Million out of which Expatriates constitutes more than 80 percent of total population.

QATAR is the richest country in the world with highest per capita, Qatar has a rich natural resources of Oil and natural gases, with growing economy its now top destination to work, attracting millions of expatriates each year.

As QATAR is the richest country of the world, with high standard of living, is one of the most expensive country of the world, if you want to bring your spouse to Qatar and want to apply for a Qatar Family Visa then you should consider many points.

QATAR is the most expensive country in the GCC region, which direct affects expatriates who wants to save money, small flat might cost you around 2000 Qatari rials per month minimum and for good Apartment its may cost around 4000 to 5000 Qatari rials so you Should keep in mind.

For Applying Qatar Family Visa , expatriate should have minimum monthly salary of 10,000 Qatari rials !!

Before Applying for family Visa, make sure that your spouse passport has your name in the Passport or your Passport must have your spouse name.

to know how to add spouse name in the Passport, please read this Post- How to add Spouse name in the Indian Passport

you should also have marriage certificate, both should be attested from your home country and Qatar embassy.

If you have required documents then you can start the process, first step is to rent a apartment and take copy of rental Agreement if your company is providing a family accommodation then your PRO will do this all process.

you need to the following steps –
Fill the application form by visiting official website for Qatar visas Click here to Apply
Copies of Qatar Resident permit, passport copy and passport copy of spouse.
Employer’s letter stating Profession and current Salary .
Attested copies of marriage certificate.

Key Points –
The form must be filled in Arabic
Type name carefully as it is written in the passport.
Passport should have spouse name .
Visa fees is 200 Qatari rials .

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