How to apply for Marriage Certificate in India.

how to apply for marriage certificate in India

Congrats!! For what? For your marriage!! And now you want to apply for a Marriage certificate!!

Marriage certificate is an official document and proof of registration of marriage with the government, it’s very useful documents especially for the expatriates who are living Abroad and want to Apply for Family Visa or for many legal purposes the Marriage certificate is mandatory.   

                                                                                                                                            In India marriage is registered under two acts, the Hindu Marriage Act and the special Marriage act, as name indicates the Hindu Marriage Act is Applicable to Hindus while Special Marriage Act is Applicable to other Citizens of India, The minimum age limit to get married for male is 21 years and for female is 18 years.

Marriage registration under Hindu Marriage Act –
If you want to apply for marriage registration under Hindu Marriage act then you can apply at your government local bodies such as Gram panchayat, Tahsil or office of Sub-divisional magistrate, take the form and fill it carefully.

Both husband and wife have to Appear in front of Registrar in whose jurisdiction marriage has been taking place.

Take an original marriage invitation card, both of you should take Original Identity proofs with photocopies, photographs of both of you, one marriage photo together, nowadays they are asking for Adhar card also if you don’t have then take Pan card, Election voting ID card or Passport.

Application form duly filled and signed by husband and wife.
Details information about marriage such as date and place of marriage, date of Birth, Marital status at the time of marriage.

Marriage registration under special Marriage act –
This act is Applicable for the other citizens of India, under this act also male should be 21 years old and female should be 18 years old.

In both marriage acts, need to produce two, three witnesses who have attended the marriage ceremony and they must have an identity proof, with photographs.

Why need Marriage certificate-
If you are living Abroad then for Applying for Family Visa, Marriage Certificate is mandatory.

If Want to travel outside India and wants to apply for Spouse Visa then also the Marriage Certificate is Mandatory and also For opening a bank account after marriage,  Marriage certificate is mandatory.

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