How to Apply for Oman Family Visa.

Oman family visa

Oman Family Visa-

Getting married is the most important thing in life but if you are living in a GCC country then bringing your family to your resident country become the first priority.

Many expatriates face many difficulties in getting the Oman family visa.

Here I would like to share my experience and requirements for the family visa.

Family joining Visa – OMAN

Oman is the most beautiful country with rich natural resources and great culture, with 4 .5 million population out of that half population consists of expatriates.

Salary Requirements-

Recently Oman has relaxed some requirements for the family visa, now any expatriate whose Monthly salary is 300 Omani Rials is eligible for the Oman Family Visa before it was 600 OMR requirement for the Family Visa, In order to get the family visa, you must have a monthly salary transaction of 300 OMR.

Spouse Passport/ Spouse Name in Passport-

The next step is to apply for your spouse passport if your spouse already has a passport then make sure that your name has been added in the passport or your passport must have spouse name.

Marriage Certificate-

The next most important step is to Apply for the Marriage certificate, for this, you can apply in your local government bodies like Municipal corporation.

After that you need to attest this Marriage certificate from Indian Ministry of external affairs, this called Apostille, here I want to mention that this Apostille is sufficient as Oman accept Apostille so no need of Oman Embassy Attestation.

Make sure that you have passport size photographs of your spouse with a blue background, there are no specific requirements for this in my case they have accepted photographs with a white background but better to keep blue background photos, keep minimum 10 photos.

Medical Test-

Medical Test- before applying for the Family Visa your spouse should do medical test in the home country.

This is routine medical check-up so no need to worry about this, now you can take online Appointment and visit the medical centre directly.

If you want to know how to book Gamca medical appointment please read this blog.

If you have children or infant child then no need for medical test just you need vaccination card for child visa purpose.

Take this report to Oman and you need to take stamp and signature of medical officer in Oman from the approved medical centre, simply give it to a Sanad office they will do it within a day for 3 rials.

Now I would like to explain the requirements which should be done in Oman.

First Book a flat and make Rent agreement with a local body called Baldiya.

Then go to your bank and take Salary statements for last 6 months.

Then you need to prepare the file for submission into Royal Oman police office, your Sponsor can do this easily or you need to visit any Offices called SANAD services for this.

They will charge some money and do all process just you need your sponsor’s documents such as valid Omani permit, Company registration number and other documents which told by Office.

The final step is to submit this file into Royal Oman police office, within 2 days they will issue the visa.

For more information you can visit official Royal Oman Police website.

If you still have any query then feel free to ask me the in the comment section.

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  1. Hi sir I want to know After getting medical test report can I apply for attestation by scan hard copy test report or required original hardcopy test report?

  2. Hi! You’ve mentioned that one needs a bank statement of last 6 months. Does that mean that one cannot apply for a family joining visa till the time he’s worked for at least 6 months in Oman?

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