How to Apply for Bahrain Family Visa.

Bahrain Family Visa

Bahrain Family Visa-

Bahrain is an Arab country which is a member of GCC countries, it is an island country with a population of 1.6 million, out of which half population constitutes Expatriates mostly from India and other south Asian countries. Bahrain is the third smallest country on the planet with a rich culture and beautiful natural place.                                     
Here I will explain you, how to Apply for the Family Visa, I hope you are enjoying your living in Bahrain and want to bring your family to Bahrain!!, then don’t worry this blog definitely help you.

Keep In Mind-                                                                                                                                                                   Before bringing your family to the Kingdom of Bahrein, you should consider many points, as I have explained in my other posts also, as Bahrain is a rich country so ultimately cost of living would be high, single apartment with one hall, bedroom and kitchen might cost 200 to 300 BD minimum, the cost of food and other expenses are nearly the same as other Gulf countries, you should have a good salary so you can save more money and can bear the family expenses.

Salary Requirements-
Recently Bahrain has raised minimum salary requirement for getting the family visa, now an Expatriate who is working in Bahrein should have minimum 400 BD monthly salary !! Before it was 250 BD requirement to obtain the family visa, so now you must have minimum salary of 400 BD, only then you can apply for the family visa.

What to Do-
Make sure that your spouse has your name in the passport or your passport should have your spouse name.                   Should have a Marriage certificate which should be attested from home country Authorities and Bahrein embassy, take online appointment for Medical test, perform medical test and take the report.

Documents–                                                                                                                                                                                           Arrange following documents for submitting your application into passport department.
Bahrain resident passport copy and resident permit copy
Spouse passport copy
Employment contract copy which should clearly state Position in the company and current monthly salary.
The medical report from Accredited GCC Medical centre, this you can do in your home country.
Fill the application form carefully with all details and should be submitted to Labour market regulatory Authority, fees is 22 BD.

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