GAMCA Unfit- List of Diseases and Disorders.

Gamca/gcchmc unfit cases

Gamca unfit? or have any questions about which tests are performed during Medical check-ups?

Here we will see the detail about the diseases and disorders which make you unfit for Gamca/Gcchmc

It’s a horrible feeling when you can not go to a GCC country even though you have the required qualifications got an excellent job but you have Gamca unfit status and failed in Medical tests.

It’s the responsibility of every country to protect its citizens and stop the spreading of diseases, so GCC countries are very strict about this.

Once the Medical tests are done and the result came, it will be automatically published or updated in the Gamca online system.

The GCC countries can track and see the result of any person online by using a Passport number so nobody can do anything wrong so please be careful.

Once the medical test report is unfit then the person will be banned from entering any GCC country. 

What they Check during Medical-Gamca Unfit cases-


Visual acuity should be suitable and should not be suffering from contagious eye diseases such as conjunctivitis.


Hearing power should be normal and should not have any ear infections.


Blood pressure should be in the normal range with normal heart bits.


Should not have Tuberculosis and other spreadable diseases, they will take a chest  X-Ray examination to detect this. 


Should not have any chronic skin infections such as Leprosy.

In addition to this, they will do the following investigations also.

Urine and stool analysis can be done to detect many diseases such as sugar in urine and bacteria in urine and stools


This is a very important test, they will take little blood and do many tests as Haemoglobin should be within the normal limit.

Test for Malaria can be done and blood sugar can be checked to detect Diabetes.

More test includes- 

HIV/AIDS test                                                                                                     

Hepatitis test

kidney function test

and other major diseases.

If you are suffering from any major disease then Your will have Gamca unfit status.

A pregnancy test is also done for a married woman, if they are going on a Family visa then the positive pregnancy is no problem but they should not do any type of X-ray.

If you want to know how to book Gamca online appointment then read this blog.

If you have already done Gamca and want to check Gamca status then read this blog.

For more information visit Gamca official website.

If you have any queries, please ask me in the comment section.

274 thoughts on “GAMCA Unfit- List of Diseases and Disorders.”

  1. Does GAMCA declares pregnant women unfit to work in saudi arabia?
    Im 4 weeks pregnant and i have to join there in KSA hospital,what to do so that i may clear medical and get fitness

    1. They will do all medical tests except for X-ray so be careful..I would suggest you inform your company about this.
      I think no issue in clearing GAMCA, they will mention positive pregnancy on the medical report.

  2. I went 2 time KSA 20 days earlier i have done gamca medical result is unfit (leftzone peural tag) x-ray but i went biggest hospital (they do digital x-ray) report is normal sir they are updated online wat I do sir they destroy my careears 😢😢😢

      1. This same situation is with me I am saudi return . I went for gamca medical they told I m unfit by chest nodule then I consult doctor did xray it’s alright..
        Sir in how much time report will get expired??
        In GHC website it’s showing that I can book appointment after 3 months of previous result.
        Is it true??? Plz reply

        1. If chest x-ray Right CP Angle Blunt. So it’s a sign of unfit? Because this factor is natural in my anatomy structure, but the radiologist are giving me medical unfit report for Saudia.
          Kindly suggest me regarding this issue that I’m fit or not.

  3. Hello sir, I have done my medical report from a laboratory before going for GAMCA to check if there is all well.
    Unfortunately, I got a small problem in my VDRL test as accrued reactive result since I visited to a doctor and he advised for the injection which was done on same time.
    Later, after 10 days I make another VDRL which is showing still VDRL reactive (with low of ratio – difference appeared) but it should be non-reactive.
    Could you please advise should I go for GAMCA !!

  4. Hi
    I have couple of questions.
    1. I have polio on my left leg, but I received letter from sponsor that it won’t affect my performance at work and got my GAMCA medical fit by clearing all the tests. I have fit report and fit updated online a
    S well , but in remarks in the paper report they mentioned left leg polio and letter received from sponsor, will that be problem during stamping?

    2. Will this be a problem during medical test in KSA? As I have seen many people with physical disability on iqama when I had been to KSA on work visit visa before?

    Awaiting your reply.

  5. I have pleurodiaphragmatic adhesion on left side, will I pass the medical exam in Qatar Visa Center. Please response

  6. I have blood problam fast doctor said then I take medicine. Like 21 days then again take medical appointments then I will go again checkup then doctor said I have other problam. What is this the fast doctor said is like the other doctor said different. Y like tell me true right. Then they will unfit me. Then that problam I will go my home doctor they said only 10 is oke tretment.then gamca doctor said 5ya6 months u have tretment y like this.

  7. Hallo sir i have successfully completed gamca for qatar job in india.can u tell me when i going to qatar there is once again need gamca or other medical test in qatar.

      1. It will depend on the organisation
        In oman when i reached here they have done all the tests eventhough i have obtained gamca fit certificate.

        It is always better to ask the company what is the procedure there

  8. I have cleared the medical test in india from allotted GAMCA medical center. Once I reach behrain there will be medical test again. By any chance can they reject me in behrain because my bilirubin levels are slightly high that is 2.00 ?do I have any problem

  9. Hi sir,I am nagaraju tata last month I got job in Bahrain after that I attended medical in Hyderabad they are found small dots on x ray,but I don’t have any health issues I met some specialists they said you don’t have any health issue,but they given me unfit ,but after 21 again I rebook slot for medical,from another state after one hour I got mail from gcc health regg my medical like me unfit ,then what can I do now can I possible to attend medical or need to wait sir

  10. Hi,sir I don’t no they updated or not sir,but I got mail regarding mail from gcc in that they mentioned unfit,but before one hour I took new slot at other state

  11. I m waqas from pakistan.gamca medicle centre is claiming that i have Cp angle blunt on both sides in chest x ray and bilirubin level 2 but i get checked from private lab they said i have no issue in chest also bilirubin level is 1.6 now.i have conducted the test again at medicle centre now they are again claiming the same issue what can i do know?can you guide me.

  12. Sir
    I appeared medical test for KUWAIT in India today
    In X ray they said that right diaphragm enlargement noticed and need to take x ray again.
    Will this issue be okay for next time please help
    What I need to do

    1. I think no issue but if they reject you then tell them not to update results online so you can make another appointment.

  13. Hi Sir,
    I got medicals done last year mar-2019 for Oman they rejected saying ‘Left CP Angle Blunt’ now i got opportunity for KSA. not sure if they will declare me as FIT. can you please guide. I got test done in HYDERABAD.

  14. Hello sir,
    i am before working ksa still again back give a opportunity for working for ksa visa but now i am medically unfit because my x ray report is not clear the left side lungues area is like a white shadow marks but i am again check 2 chest physician he said no more problem this is cholesterol shadows but he give lab certificate an also doctor certificate the are accepted for GAMCA .
    with My pleasure i am check the GAMCA Doctor said i did not update your unfit result for website.
    if u go and check another center. also i have take medicine in 2 months but shadows are not clear now what can i do sir ?

  15. Sir, 10 year back i attend a open heart surgery of ASD. Presently am fit on all activities, but their is a stich mark on my body is it fit for GAMCA medical test?

    1. Dear sir,
      My name sawwan same issue ASD closer injogram. Not open surgery
      Now me going to medical test for watar please reply what i do…
      00919686927506 (india)

  16. Hi Stubborn and all readers…

    Just to tell a little story, i got a job offer in Saudia but i have vitiligo spots visible on my fingers and little bit on my face and due to this several GAMCA medical centers in Karachi, Pakistan suggested me to obtain NOC from hiring firm else they will simply unfit me due to vitiligo without taking oter tests..

    Such a pity because i wasnt able to get NOC from employer as they wasnt able to get it from the saudi kafeel (sponsor)..

    I am quite sure vitiligo is not mentioned in GAMCA rules booklet as contagious disease.. Dont know why whether it was part of a scam to loot money from people in order to get them cleared…

    Kindly share your experiences as well..

  17. Sharfuddin Shah

    My left eye vision is 6/36 and right eye is perfect 6/6
    Can I get fit certificate as I m working as Assistant manager in super market

  18. Does high sugar cause issue in medical report, because declared unfit for high sugar, and if I don’t get the same report after the tests done from another clinic will they reconsider it

    1. First, take the fit report from the private hospital then take Gamca appointment if they make you unfit then show them report from a private clinic.

  19. Hi…I am going to have gamca test.but before that I got my xray done from local doctor.they said tht bronchovascular markings are prominent.i never had TB or pneumonia.will gamca make me unfit?I have cleared my interview for qatar.please suggest something I am very much worried.

  20. Hello Sir,
    I am suffering from vitiligo, so this diease makes me unfit, Kindly let me know its all about my whole career.

    1. Dear Amir: Kindly see my above posted comments

      I am copy pasting again,,

      Hi Stubborn and all readers…

      Just to tell a little story, i got a job offer in Saudia but i have vitiligo spots visible on my fingers and little bit on my face and due to this several GAMCA medical centers in Karachi, Pakistan suggested me to obtain NOC from hiring firm else they will simply unfit me due to vitiligo without taking oter tests..

      Such a pity because i wasnt able to get NOC from employer as they wasnt able to get it from the saudi kafeel (sponsor)..

      I am quite sure vitiligo is not mentioned in GAMCA rules booklet as contagious disease.. Dont know why whether it was part of a scam to loot money from people in order to get them cleared…

      Kindly share your experiences as well..

      February 24, 2020

  21. Alwyn Jonathan

    Hello sir.. I had surgery of cervical lymph nodes excition. I was on ATT.. but now totally alright. I took chest x-ray and blood test , no signs of TB found. Will this be problem for me in gamca medical test??

  22. sir I am unfit before 6 months in 6 January 2020 but after 6 months now my report is still show unfit why this is not cleared from system

  23. Tried at several different centers, they are not issuing fit reports.. even sent an email to GAMCA but they are leaving decisions on the clinics.. I had asked them to get any additional testing done if any doubt but the approved centers do not want to take any additional liabilities..

  24. Please anyone let me know accurately what happen because i also have Gilbert syndrome bilirubin level 2.2. Will it make any issue at tha time of Gamca. If yes then what should i do before going to Gamca test?

  25. Hello and thank you for the information that you provide. In my case i have a moderate scoliosis as a medical condition which is not visible unless X-rays, never been an issue in daily activies, work or regular workout. Been working as a chef in different places, america, europe and maldives and never got any issue with the medical but since i got a job offer for UAE and reading so many comments about how stric is this GAMCA exam i wonder if that will be an issue, can you provide any info on this topic?
    Thanks in advance

  26. mam/sir i took appointment for Gamca and medical carried out they declared me unfit due there was slight shadow in X- Ray for doubt of pleural effusion/thickening. i got Ultrasound reports from different reputed diagnostic centers and and showed them but they refused as they have uploaded the Unfit status. i sent all the reports to GCC / support and secy general hmc gcc. with Request for injustice medical Unfit. the Ministery of Health approved my request and HMC GCC cancel my unloaded Unfit status for websight, and directed me for a new appointment. what i do now pls let me know it is clearly mentioned that i have no any problem in my chest and have no any past history of any disease. I dont know why GAMCA unfit me and what they will do if i again this time. i have all the evidence of Approval emails and reports. let me know thanks

    1. I would suggest you take another appointment and take all your previous reports and show them if they make any issue.
      Mostly you would get a fit certificate.

    1. My name Ali my medical unfit for Saudi Arabia but still present my report online present. My medical date 18.07.2019 but not remove my online report. Please help me and tell me who many months present my report online. My personal contact no hai . 03043576774 Ali

  27. A.a
    I need ur advise. My wife is 28 years old now
    Nd she got TB in childhood but fibrotic shadowing is seen in her xray likely related to old healed infection.. but allhumdullillah she is fine nd fit
    is this make her medical report unfit ?

      1. Sir can u plz tell me will they discuss the medical result wd us before uploading or not if we have any medical problem ?
        Will u advise me to take previous medical report of my doctor

        1. Yes, Take the old report and if they say anything then show them the old report because I have seen Gamca unnecessarily making unfit because of this issue and it varies from person to person.

  28. Ivan Joseph William Dias

    Respected sir,
    I have applied for Chef Nob in Oman, and already did my Gamca Test, the center inform me they told me sugar urine is positive, i just want to know please will i be considered as unfit please let me know sir

  29. Hello sir

    i have major surgery on my stomach . my umbilicus remove due to the vehicle accident .

    iam fit or not for Oman country visa .

    Can i pass GAMCA medical test or not ?

    Please iam waiting for your replay…

    Thank you sir.

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