GAMCA Unfit- List of Diseases and Disorders.

Gamca/gcchmc unfit cases

Gamca unfit? or have any questions about which tests are performed during Medical check-ups?

Here we will see the detail about the diseases and disorders which make you unfit for Gamca/Gcchmc

It’s a horrible feeling when you can not go to a GCC country even though you have the required qualifications got an excellent job but you have Gamca unfit status and failed in Medical tests.

It’s the responsibility of every country to protect its citizens and stop the spreading of diseases, so GCC countries are very strict about this.

Once the Medical tests are done and the result came, it will be automatically published or updated in the Gamca online system.

The GCC countries can track and see the result of any person online by using a Passport number so nobody can do anything wrong so please be careful.

Once the medical test report is unfit then the person will be banned from entering any GCC country. 

What they Check during Medical-Gamca Unfit cases-


Visual acuity should be suitable and should not be suffering from contagious eye diseases such as conjunctivitis.


Hearing power should be normal and should not have any ear infections.


Blood pressure should be in the normal range with normal heart bits.


Should not have Tuberculosis and other spreadable diseases, they will take a chest  X-Ray examination to detect this. 


Should not have any chronic skin infections such as Leprosy.

In addition to this, they will do the following investigations also.

Urine and stool analysis can be done to detect many diseases such as sugar in urine and bacteria in urine and stools


This is a very important test, they will take little blood and do many tests as Haemoglobin should be within the normal limit.

Test for Malaria can be done and blood sugar can be checked to detect Diabetes.

More test includes- 

HIV/AIDS test                                                                                                     

Hepatitis test

kidney function test

and other major diseases.

If you are suffering from any major disease then Your will have Gamca unfit status.

A pregnancy test is also done for a married woman, if they are going on a Family visa then the positive pregnancy is no problem but they should not do any type of X-ray.

If you want to know how to book Gamca online appointment then read this blog.

If you have already done Gamca and want to check Gamca status then read this blog.

For more information visit Gamca official website.

If you have any queries, please ask me in the comment section.

274 thoughts on “GAMCA Unfit- List of Diseases and Disorders.”

    1. I unfit gamca medical from lucknow reason is ascites again I have medical again so please what can you and please let’s me inform the banned period atleast.

      1. As per your Information a person should be 100% fit from top to bottom, which is impossible for any person in today’s circumstances.

        1. Hi
          I been said unfit as I had psoriasis long back and just the spot exist. When I checked online it says Hansen’s disease and psoriasis both cause skin lesions, but they’re very different diseases. Psoriasis is caused by a malfunction in your body’s immune system and isn’t contagious. Leprosy is caused by bacteria and is contagious. Lesions typically don’t have flaking scales. Please help me out if I will be fit to work with psoriasis.

  1. Hey. I am hepatitis positive i got to know from medical test only. Soo i did all the test again and they said it’s like a scar I won’t affect anyone else. Soo why am i still unfit. My family lives in oman. Please help.

  2. Will the scar on the small wound they showed on the X-ray be unfit? When I asked if I should see a doctor. He said that it does not matter

    1. Same problem with my brother, how can we solve this issue. Did ct and no issues and its from childhood and now inactive.

      Please advise

  3. Hi i undergone gallbladder removal surgery five years back, will gamca test be unfit ? In some websites it mention gamca medical be unfit if we done any major surgery. Please share any details if you know. Thanks

  4. my medical was unfit & me did again after Expire, now my medical FIT but system in Saudi Embassy still shown as UNFIT, but when we check on GAMCA its shows fit, in Saudi Embassy shows the previous was unfit. what to do,

  5. Gulam Warsi Shaikh

    I had tuberculosis in the year 2016 when I was in KSA. I had completed my medicine cource completely and doctor in KSA declared me cure. When I came back to India on exit I 2017 in re checked in Mumbai from an MD Doctor and also from Pune Tuberculosis hospital also rechecked and declared me cure. But recently when I went to medical in Aug 2021 I told them. I had Tuberculosis in 2016and cured also when they sent me for CT scan. And they made me unfit. I wanted to know that is it possible that the I honestly revealed that I had TUBERCULOSIS in 2016 and due to that they made me unfit???

  6. Sir my sgpt 164 and sgot 99 so it’s possible to fir iam taking medicine but doctor says it’s normal time within month but gamca remedical time 1 week so how coud it’s possible to fit give me some suggestions please

  7. Sir mera billirubin 2.7 ah raha Please Help kro kuCh Nahi clear kr rehy Boht doctor k pass gya wo kehty hn Itni Normal Hoti hai Koi issues naii

  8. sir i have give gamcatest in chennai from approved clinic my body every think ok but my left hand littel finger near nail are sligtely bend this is not holding any functional activity in my body but they are refusing to give the fitness certificate
    what is the alternative way forwards

  9. Have been diagnosed with cardiomegaly but have not experienced any compromising issue with my well being can I travel to Saudi Arabia

  10. sir mera madical 2018 me hua tha unfit aya tha mai kuwait nhi ja paya o aajtak unfit hi dikha rha hai online pe uske liye kiya karna hai ki wo hat jaye aur muzhe dusra visa mil jaye pls

  11. I went for test and as per medical center they said i have an issue in chest. But once i tested outside private medical center found ok. I did not received my current report and my report not yet published on GAMCA site. But i want to perform new test in another medical center not at the same. What is the proceudre and how long i have to wait for re-test or for re-appointment?


    Sir I’m take in my gamca medical one issue my sugar HBA1C level is 7.7 I take the medicine show how cal I know what is the normal range HBA1C in case if not going down so I’m unfit sir

  13. Calcification was found on my chest x-ray. They gave me unfit for this reason. But I re-tested after taking the medicine for a week. And now my xray report is normal. Can ‘Calcification’ be a major cause of Medically unfit for KSA? How many days after I can do the medical test again?

  14. I have done the gamka medical test at Kolkata fulcrum medical center . The doctor look my thigh area , there was fungal infection like iching desease . He wrote the medicine of seven days and said if it will not cure ,then i will unfit you

    I need to know that doctor can seriously unfit for this type of desease

  15. Hello,

    Mostly I will have a mild partial red/green colour blindness as been notified by the doctor in the medical center as I’m applying for working visa in KSA. BTW, I’m an engineer.

    Does this affect my medical fitness., Where Im still waiting the results.

    1. MD hadaitullah

      Yes no problem,go ahead and don’t be tension
      For more information talk to gamka doctor before doing gamka medical

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