Gamca- what is it.

Gamca Medical-

Many of you might have a question in mind that what is Gamca? If yes, then you are on the right website here I will explain detail about Gamca.

I hope you got a job in any Gulf country or you are already working in Gulf country and desire that your spouse should join you then before applying for Visa you need to get Medical fit report from Gamca.


Gamca is a medical checkup for GCC countries which include Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and United Arab emirates.

If you want to read more then please visit Gamca official website

Who needs Gamca-

If you got job opportunity from any gulf country then you need to clear Gamca test. In short, if you are holding an employment visa then it’s a must.

Do Family visa need to do gamca-

Unlike Visit visa which is for short term visa, family visa also needs to do Gamca test.

But good things that if you have children then no need to do Gamca for them but if your wife is pregnant then Gamca medical will done but please be carefully and no need to X- ray test.

How to book Gamca Appointment-

It is now an online process to book Gamca Appointment unlike before used to go early at Gamca offices to make an appointment. For detail please read the main article- Read here

How much it will cost for Appointment-

Online Gamca Appointment will cost 10 Dollars, you need to make an online payment but be sure that you have a credit card.

Please understand that this fees is for taking an appointment only and you need pay additional fees at Medical center.

Can we choose the center for medical-

Please keep in mind that these 10 Dollars are for booking an appointment only not for total Medical fees, you need to pay more amount at the medical center.

Unfortunately, you can’t select a Medical center but you can select the city then they will automatically allot a Medical center.

For complete information about Gamca Medical test centers in India then Please read another article on Gamca Medical centers

Gamca centers-

As I already stated you can not select a Medical center but can choose a nearby city. Gamca centers are available in major cities of India and all other countries.

But once the Gamca center has been allotted then you can not change it so be careful when you select a city.

What is the validity of Gamca slip-

Once you have booked an appointment, it will be valid for the next 21days so you can go any days within that period and perform Medical.

How fees for Gamca at the medical center-

After paying 10 Dollar fees for Appointment, you need to pay fees for Medical center.

For all countries, fees are 4500 except Saudi Arabia you need to pay 5500, I would suggest carrying cash along with card because sometime they might ask you for cash payment.

What need to carry-

After taking an online appointment, before going to the medical center make sure that you have all required documents.

  • Original Passport and 3,4 more copies.
  • Original visa with copies.
  • Gamca slip and copies Photographs.

I would like to mention some important point that takes extra copies of each document because in my case they have asked in 2,3 copies of Passport and online slip.

Another important thing is that every country has a different specification for Photographs so after generating slip please call Medical center and ask for Photos specification that is size and background.

I would suggest you to visit medical center early in the morning because there would be many applicants.

Still you have any questions then please free to ask in the comment section.


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