Documents Attestation and Documents Apostille.

Apostille attestation

Documents Attestation and Apostille

Documents Attestation and Apostille is a tedious job but it’s mandatory for overseas employment, forgetting family Visas and for business purpose.

Here I will explain to you how to attest and apostle documents from the home department, the ministry of external affairs and the embassy of respective countries.

One thing you should keep in mind that attestation simply means your documents are legalized to be used in other countries.

So before submitting your documents for attestation in the home department make sure that your degree has been verified from issuing university, you can do it by submitting your degree in your university, they will put a stamp on the degree Certificate with a seal indicating that your degree has been verified.

Attestation has two types –

All countries which are the member of Hague Convention accepts Apostille. India is also a member of the Hague Convention since 2005 with other 105 member countries.

The Apostille can be done for personal documents such as Marriage Certificate, Birth certificate, death certificate etc or can be done for Educational Certificates like Degree certificates or experiences certificates, Once Apostille has been done it’s valid in all member countries.

Normal Attestation-
The countries who are not a member of the Hague Convention needs another type of Attestation.

The next step is to make notary to documents, this you can do by paying some money to an advocate, they will put some stickers with seal and signature.

Home Department/HRD-
The next step is the Authentication of Documents or Degree from the state department. In the case of Degree certificate, you have to authenticate your Degree from Education Department of concern state, for other documents such as Marriage certificate just need Home Department stamp.

Ministry Of External Affairs-
The next step is attestation or Apostille from the ministry of external affairs, India and finally Embassy Attestation of concern country.

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