Pharmacist Licensing Exam Oman, Prometric, Dataflow and Oral Exam


Oman is an Arab country and the member of GCC with a population over 4 million, out of which 1.8 million are expatriates, Oman is the most beautiful and peaceful country in the Arab world.

The pharmaceutical sector is growing so there are lots of opportunities for healthcare professionals especially for a pharmacist, here I will explain and guide, who wants to peruse a career in the Sultanate of Oman as a pharmacist or an assistant pharmacist.

Pharmacist Licensing Exam-

Like other GCC countries pharmacist’s registration, issuing of license and renewal of the license are controlled by the Ministry of Health, Oman which is situated in a capital city, Muscat.

If you want to become a registered pharmacist or an assistant pharmacist in Oman then you must meet the following requirements then only you can apply for a license.

For the Pharmacist:
1 Must have a Bachelor degree in pharmacy.
2 Must have 3 years experience after completion of Bachelor degree.
3 Must be registered pharmacist in a home country.

For an Assistant Pharmacist:
1 Must have a Diploma in pharmacy.
2 Must have 3 years experience after completion of the diploma course.
3 Must be registered pharmacist in a home country.

If you have above qualifications and experience then you are eligible for the Ministry of Health licensing exams, in addition to the Prometric, MOH Oman conducts direct face to face viva which is the most important step in getting the licence.

Before applying for a oral exam,  you must have all the following documents which must be apostle by the Ministry of external affairs, India or your home country in case you are not an Indian and attested by embassy of Oman.

What should you do?

1- Apply for the Dataflow.

First Apply for the Dataflow because Dataflow takes more time, sometimes it takes more than 40 days, so Its better to apply for Dataflow first then you can take Prometric Exam.

2- Pass the Prometric exam.

You can schedule the Prometric exam at any time, its simple exam with Multiple choice questions, you need at least 55 to 60 percent to eligible for Oman licensing, if you don’t know how to schedule the Prometric test, just visit my Prometric post.

3- Documents Apostille, Attestation, and Embassy Attestation.

Submit all the documents for the Attestation to any well-known consultant who is specialized in Attestation process, before only Apostille was sufficient but now Ministry required an embassy Attestation for the Degree and pharmacy Registration certificate.

Read this post to know how to attest documents-

4- Apply for Police clearance certificate.
5- Passport size photographs.
The Ministry of Oman required the following documents for appearing the Ministry oral exam.

Requirements for Appearing Licensing Examination for Pharmacist and Assistant Pharmacist.

1. Prometric Pass Certificate (One-year validity).
2.Certificates of verification from Dataflow for B. Pharm / D. Pharm Certificate and updated experience certificate (Minimum Three years).
3. B. Pharm / D. Pharm Certificate — Attested by Oman Embassy.
4. Pharmacy Council Registration Certificate — Attested by Oman Embassy.
5. B. Pharm / D. Pharm Mark sheet for all the years.
6. Higher Secondary and Secondary School Certificate in case of Assistant Pharmacist.
7. Police Clearance certificate.
8. Passport copy including visa page.
9. A passport Size photograph.

Submit Documents to Ministry Of Health Online-
Once you have all the above documents then you have to submit all these documents to the Ministry of Health, website online but now a days Ministry of Health need employer to apply for oral exam.

Now only employer can apply on behalf of pharmacist or Assistant Pharmacist, before there were hundred hours mandatory training but recently Ministry has cancelled, so after submitting all the documents and after making payment, Ministry will give a Oral Exam date. 

Pharmacist Oral Exam-                                                                                        

 For appearing Oral exam you must be in the Oman, your Employer will arrange contract or visit visa for you, make sure that you have taken all original documents with you because before exam you need to show original documents in the ministry of Health, may be two or three days before exam, Before going to Oral Exam.

For further reading about oral exam please read this post-

What to Study-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Study well especially Pharmacology and Biopharmaceutics because most of the questions in oral exam will be on this subjects and you should know the medicine brands in the Oman because in oral exam they will give you one prescription and you need to read it accurately and questions will on this prescription such as generic name, dosage, side effects, mechanism of action etc.                                                                                                                                              

If you have any query regarding exam you can ask me the comment section, Thanks for reading, best of luck for exam !!


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