Pharmacist Licensing Exam Oman, Prometric, Dataflow and Oral Exam

pharmacist licensing Oman


Oman is an Arab country and the member of GCC with a population over 4 million, out of which 1.8 million are expatriates, Oman is the most beautiful and peaceful country in the Arab world.

The pharmaceutical sector is growing so there are lots of opportunities for healthcare professionals especially for a pharmacist, here I will explain and guide, who wants to peruse a career in the Sultanate of Oman as a pharmacist or an assistant pharmacist.

Pharmacist Licensing Exam-

Like other GCC countries pharmacist’s registration, issuing of license and renewal of the license are controlled by the Ministry of Health, Oman which is situated in a capital city, Muscat.

If you want to become a registered pharmacist or an assistant pharmacist in Oman then you must meet the following requirements then only you can apply for a license.

For the Pharmacist:
1 Must have a Bachelor degree in pharmacy.
2 Must have 3 years experience after completion of Bachelor degree.
3 Must be registered pharmacist in a home country.

For an Assistant Pharmacist:
1 Must have a Diploma in pharmacy.
2 Must have 3 years experience after completion of the diploma course.
3 Must be registered pharmacist in a home country.

If you have above qualifications and experience then you are eligible for the Ministry of Health licensing exams, in addition to the Prometric, MOH Oman conducts direct face to face viva which is the most important step in getting the licence.

Before applying for a oral exam,  you must have all the following documents which must be apostle by the Ministry of external affairs, India or your home country in case you are not an Indian and attested by embassy of Oman.

What should you do?

1- Apply for the Dataflow.

First Apply for the Dataflow because Dataflow takes more time, sometimes it takes more than 40 days, so Its better to apply for Dataflow first then you can take Prometric Exam.

2- Pass the Prometric exam.

You can schedule the Prometric exam at any time, its simple exam with Multiple choice questions, you need at least 55 to 60 percent to eligible for Oman licensing, if you don’t know how to schedule the Prometric test, just visit my Prometric post.

3- Documents Apostille, Attestation, and Embassy Attestation.

Submit all the documents for the Attestation to any well-known consultant who is specialized in Attestation process, before only Apostille was sufficient but now Ministry required an embassy Attestation for the Degree and pharmacy Registration certificate.

Read this post to know how to attest documents-

4- Apply for Police clearance certificate.
5- Passport size photographs.
The Ministry of Oman required the following documents for appearing the Ministry oral exam.

Requirements for Appearing Licensing Examination for Pharmacist and Assistant Pharmacist.

1. Prometric Pass Certificate (One-year validity).
2.Certificates of verification from Dataflow for B. Pharm / D. Pharm Certificate and updated experience certificate (Minimum Three years).
3. B. Pharm / D. Pharm Certificate — Attested by Oman Embassy.
4. Pharmacy Council Registration Certificate — Attested by Oman Embassy.
5. B. Pharm / D. Pharm Mark sheet for all the years.
6. Higher Secondary and Secondary School Certificate in case of Assistant Pharmacist.
7. Police Clearance certificate.
8. Passport copy including visa page.
9. A passport Size photograph.

Submit Documents to Ministry Of Health Online-
Once you have all the above documents then you have to submit all these documents to the Ministry of Health, website online but now a days Ministry of Health need employer to apply for oral exam.

Now only employer can apply on behalf of pharmacist or Assistant Pharmacist, before there were hundred hours mandatory training but recently Ministry has cancelled, so after submitting all the documents and after making payment, Ministry will give a Oral Exam date. 

Pharmacist Oral Exam-                                                                                        

 For appearing Oral exam you must be in the Oman, your Employer will arrange contract or visit visa for you, make sure that you have taken all original documents with you because before exam you need to show original documents in the ministry of Health, may be two or three days before exam, Before going to Oral Exam.

For further reading about oral exam please read this post-

What to Study-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Study well especially Pharmacology and Biopharmaceutics because most of the questions in oral exam will be on this subjects and you should know the medicine brands in the Oman because in oral exam they will give you one prescription and you need to read it accurately and questions will on this prescription such as generic name, dosage, side effects, mechanism of action etc.                                                                                                                                              

If you have any query regarding exam you can ask me the comment section, Thanks for reading, best of luck for exam !!

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  1. Thanks for the prompt reply. Please could you send me a link to where you explained how to schedule for Prometric exam, I want to go through it. Thanks

  2. Deepthi Gopakumar

    hello sir, thank you for explaining everything. I have 3 years experience after B,Pharm and then i did M.Pharm and then i worked again for 3 years. Now i am in Oman since April 2018, but i am at home , not working. Can i apply and appear for the exam in feb or march 2019?

    1. For appearing oral exam you need to pass Prometric exam and need to verify documents from Dataflow, then only you can apply, I hope you would get earlier date.

  3. Hi stubborn

    Greetings !!!

    Could you plz guide me ….

    1)I need to take a date for viva. ..Is it possible to take by ourself in online from india? Or it should be applied trough a sponsor in oman?
    2)is it mandatory to attest the degree and registration certificate from oman embassy before appears Oral Exam?

    I have 3 years experince.,complete prometric ,registered for dataflow, police clearence availble. All the documents attested by norka roots…

    Just like to have a clarity on above 2 points…

    Thank you

    1. Thanks for commenting, Now you need a sponsor to appear for viva so please search job first and your employer will do the rest process.
      Coming to your second query as before Apostille was sufficient but recently I have heard that Ministry is asking for Oman embassy attestation also so better to do it but I will confirm and update you about this.

  4. Hi Stubborn,

    I am a Canadian pharmacist and have passed Prometric Exam and DataFlow is also cleared. Need sponsor to apply for viva exam but I need documents to be attested like B. Pharmacy degree, Certificate by the council and experience letter by the Oman Embassy that’s what I understand. I am in Oman right now and can u plz guide me how I can attest my documents from here. Thanks

    1. Sorry for late reply..I think you just need an Apostille, I do not know the procedure for Canada but please find any consultant.
      let me know any update and please share your experience on this website.

  5. sir can tell me that……i have cleared my prometric of pharmacist for oman with 57% …Am i eligible for MOH licence?

  6. Hlo sir please tell me am I eligible for MOH pharmacist license because I have passed my pharmacist prometric for OMSB with 59% ???

  7. Sir I’m a pharm d student and I’m planning to take a job in Oman.
    Am I eligible for making the job.
    Whether i need to clear any Arabic language exams before moh

  8. Hi Ayaz

    1. Complete Oman prometric Exam (Min
    score 60%)
    2. Complete Dataflow verification
    3. Find a Employer in oman
    4. Apply for oral exam trough Employer (Pay Exam Fee)
    5. Apply for Visa trough employer/Tourist/family visit

    Once the Application uploded by Employer it will take 2 to 3 months for completing the verification process in min of pharmaceutical and they will give you the exam date after 2 or 3 month form the date of document uploded by employer . during this processing period you can apply for visa to come and attend oral exam.

    Once you pass the Exam you can join the same employer or you can find a new employer (you need an no objection certificate from this Employer in this case)

    Thank you

    1. Hello,Its very easy process but keep in mind that you at least need 4,5 months to complete all the requirements.
      Apply for Dataflow then clear the Prometric exam and after getting report of data-flow and Prometric exam then apply for oral exam.

      1. Would you please give me information about the syllabus in the Prometric exam,I mean the first exam. I don’t know what to study for the Prometric exam.Thank you

  9. Hello
    Please do you have any information for Medical Lab Technologists who wish to work in Oman.
    I passed prometric exam by 74% and the Data flow PSV has been completed but I do not know what next to do to get a job in Oman.
    Kindly help

    1. The remaining process is the same like Pharmacist, Please search for an employer so he can apply for your visa so that you can take oral exam, because now you need an employer to apply for oral exam.
      You can visit Ministry website to apply but need sponsor.

    2. Assalamu alaikum.
      Thankyou for the information.
      Sir can you please guide me about the course outline ? Which pharmacology and pharmaceutics book is best for the preparation of PROMETRIC EXAM.OMSB.

      1. Walekum Asslamu, You can read any book but focus on important points such as side effects and also read Biopharmaceutics.

    1. Its very easy process first visit then search for OMSB then select your position then follow the rest of the process.

  10. Thank you very much for this wonderful explanation. Please can you practise in Oman with HAAD licence as a pharmacist?

    1. Prometric is an online based exam which can be cleared all over the world and its Multiple question type exam while Oral exam need to be cleared in Oman only.
      After completing Prometirc and Dataflow then only can appear for oral exam.

  11. Hi sir! I want to ask what if you didn’t pass the oral exam are they going to send you home if your’e an expatriate? Thank you

  12. Mr. Stubborn you are such a nice person. I took time to go through your responses to be honest you done justice to all the questions.
    I wish to have a contact of a pharmacist in Oman. I need further interactions with him

  13. Hi stubborn
    I am going to apply as a pharmacist in Oman. I have done M.pharma and have 3 year of experience. I have 2 queries:
    1. What are the documents that need to be submit during data flow process for pharmacist. (I am very confused and need clarity on this). Please elaborate
    2. Same the list of documents that need to be attested
    Please clarify these two points. I will be very grateful to you. Thank you in advance

    1. Hello,
      Please visit the official dataflow website and check the PDF questions for required documents because it keeps changing but generally they need degree certificate, mark sheets, experience certificates and pharmacy registration certificate.
      I would suggest you submit your bachelor and master degree for verification and dataflow does not need attested documents but the ministry.

  14. Hi, Thanks for the information
    I am a pharmacist, had worked in Oman for 10 years for medical companies, during that time no licensing process or data flow especially i was not working inside a pharmacy store. Oman around 1 year back. Now I have a pharmacy in my home town and working in it. and got a job opportunity in Oman again.
    I need to upload my documents to data flow and my experience is part in Oman and part out of Oman as explained. so do I need to upload all to data flow and is my experience is considered by ministry or it should be only working inside a pharmacy store?

    besides, is there a recommended guide book to prepare for Prometric? please advise

    1. You must have 3 years of working experience in community or hospital Pharmacy.
      You can show an experience certificate from your own Pharmacy.
      For Prometric and oral exam you need to study pharmacology and Biopharmaceutics very well and for oral exam preparation, I would suggest please join Oman Pharmacist cafe group on Facebook.

  15. Hi stubborn sir,
    Very well clearence exam after details…but…which syllabus are prepared in the omsb exam??….How many questions are noticed in the exam??…….How will applied the omsb exam???……which centre exam writting??….bcoZ, I am b.pharm fresher….please clear that sir🙏🙏

    1. They didn’t mention exact fees but it might be around 20k INR for verification of one degree, 3 years experience certificate and one professional license.

    1. Syed Mohamed Buhary

      Sir, Now data flow to Oman and taking prometric exam from India, how long it will take in terms of days

  16. Hello Stubborn, Please does data flow report expire? I had my data flow report since febru
    ary 2020 before the covid pandemic. Can I schedule my HAAD exam anytime i want?

    1. I think you can use this report but if you have an additional document then you need to verify that one.
      Please email haad about this issue.

  17. Hello Sir,
    Is the 3 years experience required is after registering in the home country or after completing degree?

    Whether we will get any second chance if we fail in oral test?
    What will happen if we cleared rest all and failed in oral test?

  18. Hai sir
    Now I am preparing to write my promteric exam for pharmacist. I need to know if I complete the dataflow before promteric and if I didn’t pass the exam… Did I need to again go for dataflow next time before promteric and within how many time can I take the next promteric

  19. HI Stubborn,


    What is the validity of oman prometric pharmacy exam? ie, after passing exam,how fast i need to find an employer and appear for viva?

  20. Greetings!!!
    What if the Person have changed his name in Passport and wants to apply for data flow with old name is it possible?

  21. Hello
    I worked as a pharmacist for 3 yrs after completion of my b.pharm but at that on the basis of my Cmm i.e final year mark sheet they hired me …. I applied for my license now … Iam eligible now for prometric and dataflow ???? Please help me with this query

  22. Sir,How they calculate our 3 year experience ,is this continous 3 year or total 3 yr….I mean is tgere any gap possible in between experience.I have 3 year experience, but there is a gap after 1 yr of experience there is few month gap after that i completed 2 yrs ,still working

  23. Hi
    I have uploaded the documents for MOH verification how much time will they take for verification and give exam date for viva and. Want to know if there is training in pharmacy before viva exam

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